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I'm Ok, You're Nucking Futs : I'm ok you're not ok : Powerful Daily Affirmations to Make You Rich and Confident!

Updated on June 9, 2018
She takes no bull!
She takes no bull!
A brown noser!
A brown noser!
Can you say bipolar?
Can you say bipolar?
A nervous breakdown anyone?
A nervous breakdown anyone?
The truth after this last election?
The truth after this last election? proper respect to your superiors! proper respect to your superiors!
Here is your sign.
Here is your sign.
You could say the same about liberals.
You could say the same about liberals.
I crack on my own team!
I crack on my own team!

You are special...

Many self help books and self help gurus teach you that you are fine,you are great,you are wonderful,you are unique, and you are special. But what about everyone else that is breathing your air? Well,they, as we all know, leave a lot to be desired (those jerks!)...They are so very different from you will discover when you read my Hub on"They"and"You".

They... like to watch smut filled and dirty "pornography".

You ...think that there is nothing as beautiful as the nude female or male body.

They... have malodorous B.O.

You... smell like nature intended, and the pheromones you emit make you sexier to the opposite sex.

They... have smelly and offensive flatulence.

You...have natural body functions that emit the smell of roses.

They... are mean and insensitive jerks.

You... are tired of dealing with bulls###, so you treat people in a way that inspires immediate action.

They... are loose and women of ill repute

You... believe in free love.

They... are junkies.

You... are a recreational user.

They... are uninformed and gun totting Nazis.

You... are an enlightened Democrat.

They... are pot smoking and free loading Democrats.

You... are a God fearing and job creating Republican.

They... are a bunch of nut jobs who could not cope if it weren't for their psychoanalysts or anti depressants.

You... benefit from professional advice and modern medicine.

They... bad-mouth and gossip about everyone they know.

You… tell it like it is and keep it “real".

They... clawed or slept their way to the top

You... take advantage of every opportunity

They... are pushy jerks.

You... show self assertion.

They... are cocky fools.

You... are self confident.

They... let heir kids run wild, like a pack of of wild animals with rabies.

You... believe in self-expression and natural freedom for your children.

They... are pu##y whipped.

You... know that if the wife is not happy, nobody is happy.

They... cannot keep a secret to save their life.

You... believe in open communication.

They... are fault finding nit-pickers.

You... have a good eye for detail.

They... are insensitive and immature practical jokers that might get someone hurt.

You...have a well rounded sense of humor.

They,,, are a bunch of disgusting brown nosers.

You...know how to show proper respect to upper management.

They… have herpes around their lips.

You…only have cold sores.

They… are bipolar and can turn into a bit## or jerk with a flip of a switch.

You… only tell the truth without a filter.

They… get really upset and have nervous breakdowns. your anger with passion.

In closing, this Hub was inspired by an old Mad magazine article, and I hope you enjoyed it. As an aside,this hub was also inspired by some psychologist who feel that the self help movement is creating a narcissistic society. What do you think?


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    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 

      5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Patrick - This is great. Very, very funny...and of course all those negative things are true about them, but not about us. Haven't see you around much, are you doing OK. Of course I have had a rough year and have not been devoting much time to HP. I hope all is well. Theresa

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      5 years ago from Earth

      Nice Hub... It was sort of like reading pessimism versus optimism playing in a ring of skewed perceptions - with or without the wanna-be self-help gurus.


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