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Senses = Inspirations

Updated on December 8, 2011


My senses have been utilized ever since I was young

They all come easy, such as tasting with the tongue

Each one on their own, them all in command

Smelling with the nose, touching with each hand

Seeing with each eye, hearing with each ear

Ideas are sparked and dreams appear

Every day something new, each hour something more

A bit of every memory remains deep in the core

Beginning to stir and ignite upon activation

Thoughts racing to conjure up a new creation

Words strung together forming sentence after sentence

Different emotions endured depending on its contents

Every new product is an ingenious original concept

Straight from the depths of my very own mind

An abyss empty, but often leaving me resigned

To embark upon a journey to expel an excess of philosophies

They build up in my brain, waiting to someday be free to breath

Five senses used collectively, forming, shaping, sparking a new conception

All over the Earth, everything is an inspiration.


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