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Short Story: (Life revisited)

Updated on March 15, 2019
Niladri DB profile image

Visit life again and again, till you see it all. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Life Revisited

"In a beautiful garden, the grasses had a little child grass growing up. They were all very happy with their lives and also were very content with whatever made them to be. But this little grass looked up at the beautiful flowers, specially the red rose. It saw its beauty and wanted to be like the beautiful rose.She told her mother about her little thought to which her mother replied that they made up the majority part of the garden and so she must be happy and contented with what god has given her. But the little grass saw the way people appreciated the red rose and really wanted to be like her so she remained sad d whole time. Mother nature saw this and came up to her and asked the little grass whether she really wanted to become a rose. In spite of her family and friends-warnings she willingly said that yes she wanted to become like the rose. Mother nature granted her wish. Now she was a rose, stood at higher level from all the grasses. She could now see the people who were walking by the streets, could feel the bees sitting on her, could feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the wind that blew, she enjoyed being a rose. All the other grasses felt very jealous of her. But happiness never lasts forever. The very next day, a very strong wind blew that uprooted all the plants that were there in d garden including the little grass who had been transformed into a rose,only the grasses survived. When she was about to die, the grasses mocked at her and said "see, u had to pay for what u asked because u were not contented with what god made u." To this the dying grass replied, "I do not regret what i did, because you will never be able to see or feel, what i saw and felt. I have already lived my part of life and am dying happily and satisfied with my decision."

Well, life is not such a serious topic as we take it to be.. It is not at all complicated, its just that it has some twists and turns in it. Its on us, that we choose to go the straight way, or take up the turns, or not to walk at all.Obviously, the happy people or the ones who seem to be happy, are the ones who do not take up risks and choose to walk on the straight path of life,while the people who take to the twists and turns always suffer. And now there is a third category of people who give up on life and are the ones who do not wish to walk at all; Well, i would just name them, bloody cowards, do not have the guts to even face a simple thing like life... Anyways, leave the third category, lets talk about the other two...

Now, the happy people never say that life is complicated because they choose to walk on the same path on which the others have walked, the majority people have gone through the same way and have trodden the path. But still, they take up the same way coz the journey via that road is so much easier.The way is so much simpler. One does not have to see the other things that is a part of life, we do not have rack our brains to solve the hidden mysteries, do not have to bear the pain, do not have to fear and the greatest thing is that, one never gets lost. But look deeper,these set of people, are not really happy, because walking on the same trodden path is not very interesting. On the way, they look at the twists and turns,and get tempted, but still they walk straight, because they are afraid to take risks. They do not want to take life at face value. These people, are actually the ones, who are the essential part of the society. They wont take a different turn and if anyone wants to go astray, they would not let them go too.And they do not allow other people to go the other way, not because they want to see them happy, its because they do not want them to enjoy that part of life which they have not seen and have enjoyed. They are afraid to eat the fruit from the garden,which Eve ones had.

But there are people, who choose to eat the fruit, and yes they get punished for that, but then they are the ones who have had actually lived the essence of life, be it good or bad. While walking the straight path, everyone comes across the turns. The turns that are not trodden, it looks so fresh, ready to be walked upon. There is not too much crowd out there, and so most people get afraid that they might get lost, but some do take up that path. These people aren't afraid to face life even at its worst. They want to live life in their own way, not wanting to be guided by others. Yes, they would go astray, will have to face many troubles, can even see the worst of things on that path, but after all that they have experienced, they are the ones who will be a guide to other people, the wiser ones, the intelligent ones. There will be many times, when there will be four roads and one may get confused which way to walk on, and it also might happen that he might choose the wrong way, but there is always a way to return back, and if u r stuck, just turn around and start walking towhee you have started. These people do not let destiny take them where it wants them to take, instead they take destiny to where they want to take it.

And anyways, how does it matter, that what path we take, cause after all the safe or dangerous journey we have been through, we all reach the same place.So, take risks, make mistakes, love people even ones who hate you, live your inner being, live the complications of life, be happy in whatever you do,do not regret even a single moment, forgive yourself and forget, and never say "damn, life is so complicated", because we are the ones who choose which way to walk on, and at some part in life, life was exactly the way you wanted it to be.......


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