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Unnoticed: Part I

Updated on October 12, 2012

February 7, 2012, 11:06 p.m.

I woke up to the sound of an on-again-off-again light bulb. My eyes are slowly opening to an unknown room. My head is aching. The room is spinning. My body hurts. Every inch of me feels like I’ve almost been beaten to death. I’m also extremely dehydrated. It’s so hot in here. I can feel a pool of sweat on my forehead.

Finally my eyes were wide open. I witnessed an off-white disaster room. Dirty rusted pipes are hanging out of their exterior and there is a collection of holes in the four walls. There are old clogged up toilets filled with who knows what. The stench is nauseating. It smells like years of decayed bodies and vomit. The only noticeable escape route was a door bolted shut. It looked too heavy to manage for someone with a petite figure like mine.

I was so in shock of my surroundings, it took me about five minutes to realize my hands and feet were tied up to an old black chair with chipped paint.

Where am I? I thought. What is happening to me?

“Hello?” I asked aloud. My throat was aching. It was extra dry and rough. I swirled my tongue around to gather up some saliva then I gulped it down. I’m tried to help my throat feel somewhat less droughty. After a few rounds of doing this, I cleared my throat before speaking again. “Hello?” I yelled that time. No answer. Not even an echo in the background.

“Somebody!” I started to fight with the rope that binded my hands together. “Help me please!” The ropes didn’t budge. They didn't even seem to move a smidge. They just kept burning my skin the harder I tried to pull away. “Help me!” My panic went from a four then shot up to an eleven on a scale of one through ten. I also tried to loosen my feet. I looked down and witnessed huge cockroaches trying to climb up on me. Rats ran around in circles. “Ew, ew, ew!” I twirled my feet around to try to scare off any critter that came close to me.

At the same time, I kept battling with the ropes but I could not get out. Tears evaded my eyes. “Shit,” I said about to bawl. How could this happen to me? I’m a good person. I didn’t deserve this. No one deserves this.

I told myself to calm down. I caught my breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Suddenly, the once closed door was opening. Who is behind the door? Could it magically be help? Could it be the psychopath who lured me down to this forsaken place? Not knowing what to think, my body trembled. Bad.

I go at it again with the ropes that held me back from any kind of freedom. I searched all around me, hoping there was an object of defense near my tied up hands. Nothing. Not a single thing except broken pieces of tile, dirt, some scattered rocks and extremely small pieces of glass that couldn’t kill a tiny woodland animal.

Then, at a side glance I could see a black figure. He or she stood tall with pure black attire including a face piece. I could hear footsteps coming towards me. I noticed the person tightened up the light bulb since it stopped flickering.

I slowly started to turn my head. My heart beat right into my ears. My body shook rapidly. My breathing got heavier.

Who’s there? I asked in my head. Please be help. Please be-

“Hello Francine.” I then gazed upon an anonymous individual. He was a man. He boar a very coarse and deep toned voice. His body, lean but contained a strong built. His attire consisted of a black leather mask that was obviously homemade. His chest wore a black, tight, long-sleeved spandex shirt. His hands were secluded in black leather gloves. On his lower half he had on black cargo pants and black workmen boots. In his right hand, he held a pillow case. It was bulgy so there was something hidden within it. What could he be hiding?

“Who are you?” I ask the stranger.

He chuckled. “I said hello Francine. Don’t be prude. Say hello back.”

I gulped. My body shook more rapidly. “Hel… Hello.” I tried not to cry. I didn’t want to portray any weakness. He then stood about a foot in front of me. He gradually stooped himself down to my level.

“Now you can either make this easy or difficult. It’s up to you.”

I gave him a confused look. “Okay,” I responded.

“First off, I don’t want you to talk right now. I’m going to ask you a series of questions. You simply nod for yes or shake for no. You understand?” I nodded my head. “Good girl.”

He got up and placed the pillow case on top of a rusted table. It was also black with chipped paint. He pulled out a stack of flash cards from his back pocket. He started to read them.

“Is your name Francine Gillespie?” I nodded yes. “Do you know where you are located?” I shook my head no. “Since you responded with a no answer, that should mean you don’t know how you got here correct?” I took a moment to inhale and exhale again. I needed to desperately catch my breath. I nodded yes. “Yes you know how you got here?” I quickly shook my head no. “Okay. I was just making sure. Now, I shall proceed on to some personal questions.”

I don’t want to play this sick game anymore. I’m losing my mind. I tried to be sneaky and mess with the ropes again.

“Uhhh… I would quit doing that if I were you.” I forthwithed the ropes. “Don’t be difficult. I promise this won’t take long.”

I had no clue on what he was talking about. Even though I was scared for my life, I hoped it was all a joke. The act, sickening. The idea, horrifying. But I hoped it was all a joke. I wanted to get out of this hell hole.

“Now, since I was rudely interrupted, let’s continue shall we?” I just rolled my eyes. “Okay. Do you know where your parents are?” My eyes shot up. How dare he bring up my parents? That bastard. “Well, do you? You can verbally reply to this question if you’d like.”

I took a moment to relax before speaking. “They disappeared on February 7, 2011. They have not been seen ever since. No one knows where they are. The investigators... the police keep telling me they’re doing their best to find them but not one person has found any evidence on their whereabouts.” From what I could see, he smiled as if he were proud of my answer.

“Would you-“

“Do you know what happened to them?” I asked without hesitation.

“Please be quiet dear,” he said. “Now, would you-“

“Do you?” I screamed at him.

He sighed and grabbed some things out of the pillow case.

“What are you doing?” He wasn’t answering me. My two seconds of braveness and determination surpassed.

He brought out a box cutter, a lighter, and a capped glass bottle filled with disgusting sting beetles and more huge cockroaches.

“This is your last warning. If you don’t keep your mouth shut, I will have to take action against you. Do I make myself clear?”

I couldn’t help the fact tears flooded out my eyes again. “Yes.”

“What did I just say?” He yelled in my face. He violently circled his hand around my throat. He grabbed it so hard, I could not move my mouth even if I wanted to.

“Not a word. You got it?” Even if a scrimmage of a word comes out of you, I will put all those tools you see on the table in front of you together and let you know what kind of pain they can create.”

Why is he doing this? I yelled inside my mind.

“Not a word,” he whispered in my ear. He let me go. I had to cough but I was so paranoid to even let them out. I tried to hold them in as long as I could. Three came out, but luckily he didn’t get irritated.

He grabbed another chair that was across the room and sat right in front of me. He continued reading the index cards.

“If you were patient enough, you would’ve been happy with my upcoming question." What could i make me happy? Nothing except escape. "Would you like to know what happened to your parents?”


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