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Slipping off the Edge

Updated on January 22, 2023

The FaceBook Page

Gary spent Sunday afternoon staring into space.

He’d discovered his wife had a Facebook Page.
Not merely that.
His wife had a Facebook Page under her maiden name.

That his wife was on Facebook and he hadn't known was one shock. That she used her maiden name and didn't admit she was married knocked him across the room.

How does he confront this?

Gary decided not to mention he had found her Page. If she was having an affair his ‘ignorance ’ would quicker uncover the facts it then his probing.

He carefully checked each of her friends but none of their comments or bios were questionable.

What continued to bother him was why didn’t she tell him?
Why didn't she say she had a Page?

Thinking about it

Gary kept reflecting if he should indirectly mention Facebook to his wife. If he did, how would he phrase it?

For many hours, he pondered, in fact, he lay awake most of the night Thinking how he would breach the subject. By Morning he had still not decided, so said nothing.

Later, when he got on the Computer he dived into her account and noted she’d deleted all history.


Why do that today?

Erasing History

With all of her history gone, there was no way of knowing what sites she had visited. That stabbed him in the heart, but before he lost it, he realized that killing all history killed his links as well.

He certainly could confront her and refer to a Suduku site of his she'd erased.

Gary gauged the right time and place to introduce it. Not angry, just annoyed that he had to type in URLs and Passwords where before it was an easy entry of the first letter or two and the 'history' would supply the rest.

Later, as with slight... very slight annoyance he asked her; "Why did you delete all history?"

She replied that having loaded a new Virus detector it had erased history. Though she could have tweaked it, she felt the protection more valuable than the effort in having to re-enter URLs and passwords.

Because he had to

He accepted her explanation because he needed to believe.

He needed to think that her creating a Facebook page in her maiden name was in no way sinister, and erasing history was nothing to be upset about.

He did a search for her on Facebook and was returned to her page.

No harm done.

He sat at the computer, scrapping her account, searching, post by post, image by image, finding nothing which could be labeled suspicious.

That did not satisfy him.

He kept searching to see if anything was going on, he couldn’t find his wife’s page on Facebook.

He did a search and it came back with Zero results.
This was impossible.

No matter how Gary tried, doing a Google, even linking to one of her friend's pages he had used before, she had no Facebook page. His wife had deleted her Facebook account.

Trust Ends

He might be the most suspicious man alive. He might simply be alert. He couldn't know if he had 'caught' her and that she realised it and did her thing, or everything had a perfectly acceptable explanation; i.e. the malware detector.

Whatever he had felt for his wife was drifting away as smoke. That he doubted her was a trumpet blast that something was not right, and maybe, he shouldn't stick around to find out.

Whoever he had thought she was before finding that page in her maiden name was gone.

He felt betrayed as his love evaporated.

Whatever the reason, something was wrong, and he didn't want to be with her.

The marriage was over.


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