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Slow Moderation

Updated on May 28, 2017

To Moderate or

Most writing sites do have a
brand of moderation.

The best have human moderators,
other sites have Artificial Intelligence,
(A.I) which race over an item looking
for obscenity or porn or forbidden
words, and not much else.

Some have both. And some have none.

On some sites which have moderation, once you complete an item, it goes into 'pending' and in normal situations, it usually pops up in an hour or so.

On unmoderated sites, write and publish. Done.

No one, serious about writing would object to the honest moderator. The human who scans or reads the work and then clears it to be published.

But then, there are problems.

Over Moderation

There were sites, (only one exists as I write) in which a moderator became an over active editor. Changing words, titles, even language so that the finished product is NOT what the writer wrote.

This kind of interference is to be excoriated.

If one has been hired to write an item and is well paid, and the item must be submitted to an editor so named, the writer can expect that the work will experience some 'tweaking'.

However, once a site that claims to be 'publishing' and does not pay until after the item appears and then payment is based on views, a writer will object to something they did not write and do not support having their name affixed.

Moderator Bias

Many people who participated in a particular site, (which is no longer financial) confronted some very strange moderators.

These persons were not neutral. They had their likes of certain writers and their dislikes.

No matter what an Unliked writer wrote, no matter how good, it was never
featured. It never reached the front page.

It could be networked and be roping in thousands of hits. But the Moderator would sooner die than allow it to be featured.

The Liked writers could spew garbage, but that garbage was always starred.

This is why the site went down.

Then comes Lazy...

There was another, now defunct site, where the Moderator was usually inactive. One might find a topical item, write an article, contribute. And wait.

One hour, two, three....

Most writers have a number of sites to post to. When one sits on it's hands, the writer posts the item elsewhere.

As to the site I mention, three days after the item was published elsewhere, it was still pending on the now, obviously, defunct site.

Now We Talk Slow

There are sites that do not want to
pay writers.

That is the bottom line.

Whether the sites are so badly
managed, whether the business
model followed is unsustainable,
there is a need to Not Publish Work.

The site can't say; 'Yo! We can only afford to publish six items a day..."

The site can not advise; "We have a serious financial problem so can only publish an item from a contributor when previous items have earned Xc."

The site adopts a slow moderation style, so that one contributes, the item is 'locked in' so that one can not edit, delete or even read the item, until if/when it is published.

Three days to publish is not abnormal.

This means, if you submit on Thursday you might be published on Saturday.

The Penalties of Bad Moderation

With lazy or slow moderation it's not unexpected that the item would be submitted to the slow site, i.e. Literacybase, and then, when a day passes, be submitted to another site, i.e. Hubpages.

By the time LB gets to the item it will be 'plagiarism'. The joke is, they had it first in time but ignored it then, so can ignore it now.

With Biased Moderation it is not unknown for contributors to search for the decent moderator and try to submit when he or she is active.

To post on a site like Wikinut where the bias drips from the keyboard, makes deleting the item (or substantial portions of it) and publishing the full item elsewhere mandatory.

If there are 1k items a day and less than 100 mods, then there is going to be a problem when work backs up and then, is lost to other sites.

Although this is not the time of writers market where there were a good dozen honest sites to choose from, the personal Blog site is available.

If done right, a personal blog can make money, leaving the writing sites begging.


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