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Smile in a Jar (Nonsense Poetry)

Updated on July 10, 2012

Theirs a smile in the jar
Expressions of the caterpillar
Are far beyond Bizarre
He sings like a butterfly
Floating towards the stars
But he is just a caterpillar
In a jar on mars

Protected in glass
He hysterically laughs
At the bird who wishes to eat him

The bird is green and read
It has no head
Just a tube to drink brains through

He mocks the bird
With a menacing grin
"Your a bit queer, with no eyes or ears"

The bird flew away with a tube full of tears

At last the caterpillar was confident to address
All of the complaints
On his tiny chest
"I get entirely too much rest,
Feeling as dumb as that bird
Flying home to its nest"

"I can't wait for what i deserve!
Stupid birds with all of their nerve
I wish to reap what i so yearn
Can't i have what i have earned?"

The bird heard him yelling in the distance
And got together with his friends in their beds
They prepared their tubes for slurping down brains
And took pride in the fact that they don't have heads

They took flight towards the annoying Caterpillar
Who was still ranting, alone in his jar
The eccentric birds from afar
Confronted the caterpillar,
told him he wasn't a star
"Your just a worm"
They chanted
"A worm with no heart"
You'll never be a butterfly,
You'd never fit the part

With a swift swing of his wing
The bird smashed the jar to smithereens

These creatures feasted on the brains of worm
In the read Martian dust

If you had saw it as i, driving by in my rental car
I think you'd agree, it was something quite bizarre


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