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Some Fifty One Years Ago

Updated on October 12, 2014

Two Loving Parents Decided

They would keep trying

Even though the doctor said it was very unluckly

That they would have children of their own

He gave them a special medicine to help

Now it was out of medical sciences hands

A gift from God if it was to be

Already one miscarriage

So these two people would try

To create their own family like so many other young couples in love

Little did they know

What they accomplished would change the life of one person many years in the future

When they heard the news

I am sure they were elated

This also meant big changes for them

The husband a good base fiddle player in a local band

Dreaming of success

Would decide to give up his career

On the road and traveling

Working at night clubs and other gigs

To pursuit a more stable career

Working for G.E. (General Electric)

Later working as a cab driver for a second job to help make ends meet

They ended up raising their only daughter

Never well off and many times struggling

Doing the best they could

Learning from their mistakes and trying to do better

Teaching right from wrong

Love is more important than money

Working things out when you have a problem

So the years moved along

This young girl would grow up to be my beautiful wife

Who had struggled with a broken marriage

That know matter what she tried

Could not be fixed

It was not meant to be

Her husband wasn't the man she thought he was

Then one day

A new man would catch her eye

He encouraged her to leave the past behind

Stay positive and dream the impossible

Work on being the best you can be

Follow your heart and make every day special

So these two people would also try starting their own family

Unfortunately they couldn't have children either

Once again another loving couple

Would begin a new life

Her husband would put his dream as an entrepreneur on hold

Working for a local seafood establishment

Leaving the three jobs behind

Spending more of his time with his lovely bride

Both had gone to the same college

His bride a business major

Had changed her careers a few times

Would leave working for a law firm and find a job with the local cable company

Working also to make ends meet

So these two people

Would take on a pet

One cat would be their extended family

They were able to move to another state

Build their own home not a house

Where they would share their same values

Respect each other above all else

Spend thirteen loving years together so far

Working on many more with the same lessons and rules they were taught

Keep family close

Help those who you are able to

Love each other often and grow together as one

Work out your differences

Show support and respect for each other every day

Make the boring days exciting

All things have a way of working out

Now in their sweet comforting home

My wife celebrates her grand opening to the world

Age is only a number

Staying healthy

With a thyroid issue she struggles

A weight issue has been her biggest battle

Now I am sure her mom and dad both look down at her from the heavens

Smiling at their daughter

They did all the could to raise

With an abundance of love and praise

Couldn't be happier to see

Their daughter Carmela having a birthday

Named after her grandmother

Grow up to be so beautiful and loving

Working on fulfilling her dreams

Above all

Making sure happiness

Is not just a word but the only way to live life

Sleeping soundly in our bed

Where I go to join her

For a few more hours of needed rest

Then we will start this day

With sweet passion and all the love two people can share

Enjoying fall

My wife's favorite time of the year


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I would of never known if you didn't go up and beyond to explain after reading my stories. First I don't know how to thank you for telling me about your life. Many times I pause and think should I publish this or just have it sit in my drawer until another time. I think if I can connect with one idea to any of my readers I will be so happy. Here you showed me many similarities that make me feel awesome. My eyes are shutting from a long day at work.I have to stop here. I can't wait to share more. Have a beautiful Monday..Sid and Charlotte can stay up all night and catch up on things.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Now you got me blubbering here this morning. This is such a wonderful story. It could have been about my own parents who went through WWII lost lots of babies and I came along when my mom was already 45, dad 51 and he only had ten years with me when he died. I went through a rough first marriage and now have found my soul mate. Who knew he was waiting for me in Riga, Latvia? He came with a ready family a now grown and married son and a grown daughter. Both of whom make sure we live the right life. Our immediate family consists of the two of us and our sweet furry son, cat Sid. So you see there are similarities and now I'm smiling through my tears. This is just wonderful thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great day and Sid sends sincere meows to your furry one.