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Some Laws Make Little Sense

Updated on February 3, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


Here are three laws that are difficult to comprehend. They do have some connection. They are hate crimes, late term abortions and sanctuary cities.

- Feb. 2019


Let me explain where I am coming from. Laws in general are common sense ideas that stood the test of time. Over the years, our civilization has developled various laws to govern our behavior. Some laws are based on the 10 commandments. Some laws are created in reaction to new circumstances. Some laws are just patronizing.

Here are three laws that are examples of what I mean.

1. Hate Crime laws

2. Abortion laws, especially late term abortion

3. Sanctuary city laws such as those passed by San Francisco..


What is a hate crime? How can you determine if a crime is commited due to hate?

What should be the proper response by our legal justice system?

To a conservative like me, a crime is a crime regardless of the circumstance. For example, we have laws on the book for assult, for man slaughter and gor murder. With each category of criminal activity, there is a penalty associated with them and if a person is convicted in a court of law, that person usually has to pay the consequence.

We also have prosecutorial discretion and the judge also has some leeway in sentencing.

To say because a crime in commited due to “hate” of one group or another, and that the court must administer additional penalty, sounds good on the surface. However, does it make sense?

How can one determine what is in the heart and mind of someone? Do we have a machine that can detect hate? We are asking our police and presecutors to do just that. And even if it is true, what can be done? Do we add additional penalty?

Would that be enough to deter others from doing the same? or prevent other incidence?

On a related matter, the BLM movement came about recently as a response to some of these high profile cases. Cases where Police were charged with killing blacks in the process of an arrest. In some cases, they were justified and in other cases, it was abuse of power and the offending officer were charged and convicted of crime.

To conservatives, all lives matter. In a color blind society, the color of our skin should have no bearing.

I should point out the disingenuous nature of BLM movement. Becsuse, it only matters to them when whites kill blacks. When blacks kill blacks in Chicago, they don’t care one bit. That should tell you something.


Abortion was made legal by the Supreme Court in 1973. It was a controversial decision. Ever since then, we have debates on when an abortion should be performed. The majority of those for pro choice also beleive abortion should be restricted to the first trimester of pregnancy. However, a disturbing trend in some Blue States is the allowance for late-term abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood is an advocate for abortion on demand.

Here is the dilemma. When does life begin? Some believe it starts at conception. Some believes it starts when a fetus is viable outside the womb. With advances in medicine, that time is getting shorter around 6 months of pregnancy. Some more extreme view is that life only begins after natural birth.

Why is this important? If we allow abortion in late term, then we have a problem with our legal system. Take the case of a pregnant women who is in a car accident caused by a driver under the influence. As a result, she has a miscarriage and lost the baby. Is this a case of involuntary manslaughter? Or just an accident and no penalty except for DUI for the driver. Or a case where the mother is 8 months pregnant, and someone punched her stomach in the act of commiting a robbery. In the process, the fetus is injured or worse dies, is this a case of murder?

The answer depends oh how the court treats the subject of when life begins. If life begins at birth, then, a case could be made by the defense that this is not manslaughter or murder but just an assult on the mother....

Laws have consequences...and are we, as a society, able to accept these results?


The illegal immigration problem has been around for decades and getting worse. With each passing year, we have a bigger problem than before. One of the consequences of an illegal population living among us is the crime element. Most illegal immigrants are law abiding. They just want to work and earn money to support their families and send some back home. When crimes are commited either by illegals or by others who prey on them, the local police are faced with a diificult situation. How can they get the help they need from the illegal community, either to report crimes or to bear witness to criminal activities. Some cities has come up with a statue of sactuary cities. Their logic escapes me. They are claiming that by protecting the illegal population from ICE, they are more likely to receive help in fighting local crimes.

The problem with this policy is that many illegal criminals are protected as well. Some having commited serious felonies, are let go bsck into the population instead of being reported to ICE for deportation.

This statue is unConstitutional and a violation of equal justice. We are actually treating illegals differently and with more leniency than the average citizen. How is that justice? In the extreme, we have a case like Kate Steinle. She was killed by an illegal alien that was released by local police. Adding insult to injury, during the trial, the defendent was acquitted of murder because it was ruled an accident. How weird is that?

It was commented that if this man has shot and killed a seal in San Francisco harbor, he would fsce more penalty than killing this young women out for a walk with her father. Please explain how this is justice. It was the sanctuary policy of San Francisco that allowed this scenario to unfold. The City Council has blood on their hands in my opinion.


These three examples are not the only ones. There are many other laws that just does not make sense. Yet, in our polarized and secular society, some things seem amiss. We are missing an underlying principle. People do not have a sense of a higher calling. We are better than this. I pray to God that our society will make the necessary corrections before it is too late.

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© 2019 Jack Lee


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