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Stargazer – Black hole

Updated on January 19, 2014

I miss you…

And I dunno if you ever realized you are wrapped inside my heart.

Like for the long time you’ve been gone, I sort of couldn’t feel it beating anymore…

thanks Micky Dee for this pic
thanks Micky Dee for this pic

The gentle wind was blowing as twilight was near to end. I almost shivered feeling the chilled air still puffing. I missed the palm of your hands, how you warm up my face whenever I’m cold. Ha, cold…Nights just gets colder and colder. And you’re not here. You’re nowhere near me.

I miss you…

And I dunno if you ever realized you are wrapped inside my heart.

Like for the long time you’ve been gone, I sort of couldn’t feel it beating anymore…

Like there’s some kind of a black hole twirling like a hurricane digging my heart.

The cold breeze kissed my skin and brought back my sanity. OK Jewel, you’re here to stargaze and continue this little book. You’re here to your place, but that doesn’t mean you’ll think of him overnight. I sighed…

Am I crazy for trying to kill the thoughts of you? We are damn fine but I hate missing you. You’re nowhere near me. I hate this. “Perhaps I’m just crazy…” I told myself.

“Crazy about what?” a husky voice suddenly interrupted.

I was sitting on the grass with my legs crossed. I turned around to see who it was. My eyes rounded when I realized it was the rude guy in the rain the other night. What’s he doing here this time?

“You are?” I asked annoyed.

“I believe I told you. I’m Jake. Umm the guy the other night…the guy who acted a little stupid and is apologizing for that now.” He answered politely.

“’s all cool now.” I muttered looking straight at the horizon.

“I’m glad.” He chuckled as he sat beside me. “So I told my name twice…but never heard ‘bout yours.” He teased as I was contemplating what to do…how to behave…perhaps how to exit.

“Uhm, I’m Jewel.” I told him flashing a smile.

“You must be so precious, Jewel.”

“Excuse me?!” I blurted.

“I..I mean lovely name…you’re precious. Sorry it seems my polite manners always suit yours.” he replied smiling.

“Nah. You just appear in my worst mood in a perfect timing.” I told him laughing now.

In a while between the gloomy moments in that place, I noticed the stars started to sparkle. In a while, I felt like I was in a different place, under different stars. My clock has ticked without a minute about you.

“Now I know why your name is Jewel” he told me sweetly.

“And why is that?”

“Um, I’ll tell you after you tell me about your WORST MOOD” he assured me, emphasizing the last words.

Suddenly, the dark skies covered the stars again. Back to myself…back to my thoughts of you.

“Oh, I..ah..I’m just missing someone…so much that drives me nuts.” I responded. I was surprised at myself telling him that but I felt better though.

“I know the feeling. When it happens, I try to reverse it. If it doesn’t work, well I... (he sighed as he looked up above the dark skies) I just try to look at a brighter star. Life is so short to be depressed ya know.”

“Reverse it?” I asked.

“Reverse it. Like if you’re missing someone, put in your mind that he’s missing you, too.”

“Ow.. A bad boy hunk talking in an epic manner.” I said humorously.

“Snap it out. I was talking serious.” He laughed. “I have a heart, too ya know. You just didn’t notice. I’m like that little never notice me because you’re looking at the moon.” He joked while pointing at a tiny star.

“Enough. Mr. Jake. Your turn to tell me why my name is Jewel.” I joked.

“Oh, snob girl is a smart girl. I’ll tell you next time I see you again.” He stood up smiling at me…leaving me here.

I grab my things and started to leave, too. I left the starry night without caring ‘bout the black hole…

This one is dedicated to Cathy and Cassy. Thanks for being so supportive.

My HP sky would be so gloomy without you guys. :)

Cathy a.k.a. Astra Nomik, you flatter me so much. You’re freaking fantastic! Moi hugs can’t thank you enough. XO

Cassy a.k.a Cheeky Girl, you’re an ace! I respect you so much. XO


© Copyright by Fehl Dungo All Rights Reserved


This is a fiction series, coincidence are coincidence LOL

Missed the first parts? Check out the links below.

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Anywayz, if you liked it, like it again....I mean in Facebook or wherever. :)

Rate up if you enjoyed reading. Comment anything, I'd be glad to hear you guys! Thanks!



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    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 

      7 years ago from Louisiana

      will do! thanks!

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      7 years ago from close to you...

      You really love my Jake Nikki :) Never thought of turning this into a novel. I'd think about that. That's something big. :) Your comments are very inspiring. Thanks a lot my friend. I wrote another series before this one..Check it out when you have the time. It's called Higher than the Rooftop. And it's finished. :) XO

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikki Wicked 

      7 years ago from Louisiana

      I agree with lilyfly, you should definitely turn this into a novel. you leave your audience with just enough mystery to keep us wondering. and I love the connection between her and jake.

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      7 years ago from close to you...

      Hello Lilyfly! :) I published a book of poetry last year and this kind's a big move..I gotta dare myself again perhaps :) Thanks for reading.

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 

      7 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      Have you thought about writing a book? Nice...lilyfly

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      7 years ago from close to you...

      Hi CheyenneAutumn! Thank you very much :)

      Hello gg.zaino! Thanks for the wonderful words :) Bless ya!

    • gg.zaino profile image

      greg g zaino 

      7 years ago from L'America- Big Pine Key, Florida

      Great hub writing blaise25,

      here are some words from Dave Matthews:

      ... take what you can from your dreams Make them real as anything It takes the work out of the courage...

      peace ~ gregZ

    • CheyenneAutumn profile image


      8 years ago

      This was a great read - I am looking forward to reading more...

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      hahah black holes are too impossible to go for LOL Glad you had fun in this story. Thank you CM :)

    • CMCastro profile image

      Christina M. Castro 

      8 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

      Hey Blaise25- I am so glad this is all fiction! the reality of the "black hole" would be too unbelievable to me! It's fun to have a lil bit of fantasy to dwell on.

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      CM thank you so much :)

      Ron, LOL sounds you're on hangover LOL I never saw you. We just went there a bit and left becoz of the rain.

    • niceandcool profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      you did "no"thing caz, just "amay"thing, i mean, amazing! lol. am afraid to encounter that killed one. haha, hope to see you by tomorrow or the day after that.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I enjoyed this!!

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      Hi Dim! Awww, you're a gem..we, in this page, all are ;) Thank you. XO

      Hello Cathy! Your review is a lovely cake ;) Thanks a bunch. I wont stop thanking you guys ;) XO

      Amorea hi! Me trying my best to think about what's next. A fountain of ideas are coming inside my head and I'll write 'em while I can LOL Just hope you'll be there to read moi unusual story :) Thanks a lot.

      Hi Ron! Holly Cullen! You're comparing me with great writers! What did I do?! LOL It's so making me smile hearing you say you're a 'Stargazer' fan :) That's inspiring me cazin. Thanks! Words can do much things...seen, heard, felt, touched, even killed.

      Hello Cathy! Yup, I got her message. I told her, your bun's gonna be a cake. I'm happy for you moi friend. You TC too. XO

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Cassy put a review on her Blogger blog, Fehl. Oh, and I just took that "bun out of the oven"! Did you figure the cryptic message Cassy gave you? Ha. My life these days is like heaven. Can't understand how I am so lucky. Have a great weekend, my sweet friend. I am heading off to my inbox. :) Take care, Fehl. XOXO

    • niceandcool profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      blaise, i thought it was Shakespeare, now, i guess, as if you are Brad Meltzer. i was a twilight fan, but now, i'm a stargazer fan. lol. as far as i know, words can only be seen and heard, but i was wrong, words can also be felt. looking forward for the next episode/chapter/part.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Blaise25 - super story got me wanting to know its development! Always the sign of a good writer - so I hope this will continue - I'll keep a look-out for it - and more of you too. Thanks again.

    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      This is awesome and you are awesome too, Fehl. I am so glad you liked the Toss and Turn review hub we did for you. We are spreading the word. Lol. Dim is right, you are a Gem. You shine for all of us. :) xox

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      8 years ago from Great Britain

      AWesome. Best of the 3 , l think. You are a gem (or a jewel) hugs, Dim x

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      Hi Mik! Hahah You’re so cool! You’re damn wonderful my young friend :)

      Hello Cassy! Yup, saw it before the email LOL Just imagine how surprised I was..finding about the hub before the email. XD

      Woohh this Jake fellow has making same effects with you and Cathy it seems hahaha I’m glad this crazy story intrigues you, meaning you’re gonna follow the next parts ;)

      Aww, this is my way of thanking you guys for supporting me and being real fans and friends. Bless ya always my friends. TC XO

      Hi Always exploring! Who knows your romantic wish will come true somewhere else and somehow ;) Glad you dropped by. Thank you.

      Hi Janiek! Thank you. :)

      Hello Acaetnna! I’ll be on your pages tonight. Gotta leave.. Thanks! :)

    • acaetnna profile image


      8 years ago from Guildford

      Gosh I am loving this read, glad I stopped by.

    • janiek13 profile image

      Mary Krenz 

      8 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

      Very nice, It made me miss someone, too.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I love this hub!!I love the setting, meeting someone under the stars. I wonder if Jake will make you forget? , Oh, it,s just a romantic wish.


    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 

      8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Hello Fehl! I published the Review of "Toss and Turn" on moi Hubs!! :D

      I so love this Hub here. I am worrying about that Jake fellow. What's the deal with him, I wonder? There is that creepyness to him a bit, but I am wondering will they get lovey-dovey? Opposites attract, maybe? Okay I am guessing now. You certainly have me scratching my head. Heh!

      Don't let those skies get blue, Fehl. You make a difference in the world! Best wishes, my friend! :) XO

      And thanks for the name-check here at the end of your hub. Aw, that is sweet! :D Bless ya!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Oh you beautiful creature! Please keep looking at those stars you YOUNG FRIEND! You're wonderful!

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      Hello Cathy! Thank you :) My’s my way of saying “Happy Halloween!” Oh, my book arrived? That’s cute! Hope you like it. Gotta sign it when we meet ;) Holly wow! Cassy is giving me book review? That’s awesome! Thank you guys :) That’s my first ever Book and I wasn’t really serious selling it. Thank you. Thank you. You guys I’m touched.

      This Black Hole was finished like two weeks ago. Due to busy days, didn’t publish sooner. It’s for you two my lovely friends here..I was in a happy mood this past months and it’s freaking hard to write a dramatic tone hahaha But this one’s for you so I must do it :) Really hopes I capture the right emotions..

      I’m enjoying seeing you get annoyed by this guy. That’s so cute! Ha, there are guys like that even girls. LOfreakingL What would you do if you’re Jewel? The next parts gonna be totally crazy. So stay tuned ;)

      I’m always looking at the stars. It invigorates me. The moon is mysterious, too. Dam heavenly bodies!

      Loved that quote from Oscar Wilde. “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” But too long for a tattoo..long ouch! LOL Seriously, I put that there coz it means a lot to me. Would you guess? If you ever have a secret meaning, my inbox would hear it LOL

      This wouldn’t be enough to thank you guys. :) TC


    • Astra Nomik profile image

      Cathy Nerujen 

      8 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

      Well Hello Fehl. May I say, I love your new avatar. It is lovely. :) Cassy is still reading your book here, and I have barely had a chance to read more than 3 poems before she snatched it off me. Hahaha. She is planning a review Hub of your Book later today. Wow, I am so amazed and impressed that you are published now. You must be so proud. Gosh, even I am proud. Proud of you, girl. More on the Amazing book later.

      Stargazer - Blackhole is a follow up to your previous hub, and I really enjoyed this. I am surprised at how this Jake guy seems to rub Jewel up the wrong way all the time, like a cat. Mreeeooow. LOL. What is the guy's problem? I love the way you write this as though Jake seems to act like he has known Jewel for a seemingly long time, even though he seems annoying so much. And he doesn't like either the brush-off he gets, or understand women very well. His over-familiarity I find unsettling. Why is that?

      It's weird when someone unsettles us while we are enjoying a bit of private time or in the midst of a nice reverie. But I enjoy the conflict in here too. So will these two end up together? Or will Jewel try escaping his constant advances, or will he keep stalking her? And does she want this fellow really getting inside here head? Wow, I am getting so caught up in this...

      I am smiling here now, Fehl. I can't help it. Yes, some of us are looking at the stars. How'd you guess? :)

      And thank you so much for this lovely dedication to Cassy and I, at the end of the hub. Love those hugs. I hope your HP sky is never gloomy. Take care, Fehl. XOX

    • blaise25 profile imageAUTHOR

      Fehl Dungo 

      8 years ago from close to you...

      Hello Mr. Joe! Thanks for being the first one to comment ;) So happy you always read my crazy series :) Reverse technique huh. Is it a bad tip? LMAO I'll be on your pages...gotta eat. Thank you!

    • profile image

      dark heart 

      8 years ago

      nice tension between the conflicting emotions and the reverse technique sounds like it might really work.I look forward to see what happens with these 2 characters.


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