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Step Right Up....It's Showtime Folks!

Updated on November 30, 2009

Step right up it's showtime folks!!!'




As a poet the world

to me is a circus
a carnival...a carousel

of swirling colors...
an endless fair that

isn't always fair at all.

A daily parade of

acts that often

shock or make me laugh
or sometimes cause me to weep...
and many that make me

sit in awe and wonder??

There are so many

vivid mouth watering smells
that you can almost taste,

like those stomach gnawing
scents of carnival food

wafting through the
propellers of a fan

on a hot August day.

There is a calliope

of sound as well...
both pleasing,

and jangling to the ears.

My daily walks through

my life's midway offers me
tantalizing temptations

presented in good taste.

Like the tang of

 salt water taffy
or the sweet melted

fibers of cotton candy
a kiss on the spur

of the moment
a night out with old friends
a child's hand holding

tightly onto my finger
plus so much more.


Then there are the

 many chances to grab
the brass ring...

to win the big prize
to take it all for nothing.


But life's midway
also delivers up bad tastes...

a host of loud mouth carnies
shouting from all sides,

at the rube of my soul.

Blatantly announcing

all the latest

that is available to endure.

Those endless carnal acts...

children abused, wives's beaten...

babies murdered..dirty bombs
corrupt governments...demon priests...

and the haunting vaporization

of almost 3,000 souls...

exploded into 20,000 pieces
like the balloons that catch darts

in the gaming booths.

As a poet I hold a

front row seat..where I sit
and contemplate the

three rings before me
those rings of past...

present..and future
then of course I feebly

attempt to turn
the scenes that I've

observed into words
that when read by others

will become pictures again clearly seen

A poet is not only a spectator...

but a performer as well.
sometimes a contortionist bending

words and twisting meanings
into convoluted shapes..

different from normal language
but that often make more sense.

And poets with their

heads in the clouds
are akin to hi-wired artists...

with their fragile egos
balanced precariously on

the lines they've created
that will never

realistically support them
yet still they inch forward

across the blank spaces...
filling it with their daring attempts

to express and impress.

poets are also Vendors...

hawking their bright and colorful
balloons of thought to the masses....
many of these escape

the grasps of others minds
and float high above

thier comprehension.
but many more are grasped

in the same manner as a 5
year old child holds a

bright red balloon with a grin
plastered on his face...

watching it bob and dance
at the end of each line.

A poet can also be

clown-like in their efforts
similar to 40 clowns

in a Volkswagen...poets try
to squeeze all the emotions

of one moment into 4 stanzas.

Poets can be clowns who paint

smiles or frowns on others faces
drawing out expressions..

eliciting joy..exaggerating
life in an over-sized way...

like the shoes of Emmett Kelly
presenting all of life's peculiarities

in a simple easy to understand way.

A poet specializes in admissions
and offers tickets to

a whole new world...
a chance to enjoy the viewpoints

of another perspective
to look through someone elses

rose colored glasses.

A poet is a ringmaster

who paints vivid scenarios of
all that was and is and will be...

offering a selection
of fine artistic endeavors...

that allows you to choose
which ones you'd

prefer to view...or ignore.

So kick off your shoes...

grab yourself some f

reshly popped
or sweetly swirled...

then step into

"My" big top.

Feel that sawdust

between your toes..

there's a seat
reserved for you here...

in one of the front rows.

Just sit a spell...

while I display

and script the things life
taught me on the way

through it's hoops

Let them tumble..

leap and cavort

across your view
Let them move

and shake you...

or bring tears

and whimsical smiles...

and guffaws of laughter.

So step right up folks!!!

The show starts in a few minutes
right here on this site...

678 acts carefully crafted
talent gathered here

and assembled for your perusal..

Smell the grease paint...

hear the roar of the crowd
watch the beasts of creativity

leap from their mental blocks
The whole shebang is only

available for a short while
in the grand scheme of eternity...



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