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Tagalog Poems

Updated on April 25, 2012
Tagalog Poems
Tagalog Poems

Tagalog Poems Examples

Filipinos love making poems. Poetry is a really big part of their culture and literature. Ever since the time of their ancestors they have been making poems and has been part of what they call "Kwentong Bayan" or Philippine Folk stories. They have been writing poetry long before the colonists came to the archipelago.

Even up to now there are many Filipino writers that are still writing Tagalog Poems. The Tagalog language is really a very diverse and beautiful language that can really create expressive poems. And of course it is still better to write in your native tongue so that your poems will become even more natural.

Really there is something about Tagalog Poems that is more expressive than English poems. If you could understand Tagalog and compare the English poems from the Tagalog Poems you will really see the difference. It is important that you look for Tagalog Poem Examples to understand what I am saying.

Tagalog Poems

There really is no structure or specific format in writing Tagalog poems. Mostly writers have creative freedom of their use of the Tagalog language in their poetry. Even the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal, wrote a Tagalog poem when he was still a young kid. He talks about the importance of writing in one's own language no matter what setting. In this story, Dr. Rizal joined some sort of poetry contest but he decided to write his poem in the Tagalog language. Up to today this remains very inspirational for Filipino writers and they understand the importance of writing Tagalog Poems.

There really is something very special about Tagalog Poems. But it is just one part of literature in the Philippines. Even Philippine epics were written in poetry form such as the Epic Biag ni Lam-ang that were written by the Ilokanos and other examples ofMga Epikong Tagalog.

Tagalog Tula

The Philippine literature is rich in many different kinds of poetry. One of these would be a Tagalog Tula. This uses the Tagalog language in making poems. There really is no required structure or format. For as long as it is a poem and it is using the Filipino language dialect that is Tagalog then it could be considered as Tagalog Tula or Tulang Tagalog. There are many different Tagalog poems sources where you can find many examples of poetry that is in Tagalog. Make sure that you check them out so that you will learn more about the literature in the Philippines.


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