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Tale of the Nigeria 2011 fuel scarcity

Updated on June 27, 2015

I hardly use the public transport but the hike in petrol forced me to adopt going to work on public bus. You see, i am one of those that benefited from the 2011 fuel scarcity.

Due to the way people are jammed inside the buses,i usually prefer the front seat so it was like every other day while seated waiting for the bus to load,she walked by and asked if she could sit with me. Ofcourse the front is meant for two passengers.

The 30 mins drive from the park to my work place was tripled, thanks to the hectic traffic jam that morning,i was so angry because i was running late to work but her voice melted my anger, we discussed everything happening in the country and both made our points. It was during our chat that i realized that the damsel sitting next to me is a Lawyer.

We exchanged contact and kept in touch with each other. After three months of that meeting and regular phone conversation,we agreed to meet for dinner. She looked more beautiful and i almost couldn't recognize her. You see, something happened that night, her car failed to start when it was time for us to part and there was no where to get a mechanic by that time.

We had to leave the car at the restaurant premises then i drove her home, the rain that night was a serious one but i made it to her place but she couldn't enter into her apartment because the house key was in her car so the only options we had was for her to either lodge in a nearby hotel or spend the night at my place because there was no way we could drive back to the restaurant because it was already late.

We decided that she spend the night at my place. We got to my place,i mean we are both two grown adults although not in love but the chemistry could be felt and as a Man,i knew what i was feeling but didn't want to rush,she felt at home and even demanded for my t-shirt to wear after taking bath. We spent a good part of the night talking and i tried to be a gentle man. Believe me,although at a point we both really wanted to make love but i chose to give her something better; INTIMACY. I let her rest her head on my broad shoulder while we slept and before she woke in the morning,the breakfast was already set.

Its been four years since i met Amaka,thanks to the fuel scarcity because i wouldn't have met this wonderful woman who has transformed my life and brought nothing but happiness to me. Today marked our fourth anniversary and also the birthday of our second son Junior.


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