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Tell Your Story to Jesus (Poem)

Updated on March 1, 2014

I encourage you,

to tell your story to Jesus

He'll be understanding,

His love is a special one, and

I know He'll always be

present everywhere,

He is omnipresent,

He is Jehovah Shammath

The Lord is there,

He is with you and with me

all at the same time,

When you are feeling lonely, or

when you are feeling sad,

Jesus is right there,

never leaving, nor forsaking you

as you walk through the storm

Living in a world of many choices

There is also a call of so many voices,

Reaching out for our attention,

to greet and to distract us,

We must reach within, and

turn our eyes to Jesus,

Kneel down on our knees, and pray, and

Seek His presence, and

the light of who He is,

Ask for and receive forgiveness, and

forgive others as well,

Allow mercy to walk hand, and

hand with us and be our closest companion

along this journey

I know we will be better once

We've confessed it all,

I'm going to tell my story to God

I've found in Him loving-kindness,

Benevolent, sacred, pure and dear,

Prayer is shaping, and helping me

to long and desire for Him to be ever near,

Closer than He was yesterday

He'll be with us all the way,

He will never lead us astray,

I'm going to tell my story to Jesus.


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