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Is There a God Poem?

Updated on June 6, 2023
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Before I was

I know all about him

Cos I was with him

Now I’m on earth,

I know not him

And I ask

Is there a God?

I learnt from everything I see and touched

I learn from every thought I feel

The world is now making sense

Yet, there are things, feelings and thoughts

I cannot comprehend

And I ask

Is there a God?

I encounter Sufferings and pains

I witness Joy and happiness

I extract lessons and principles from all these

Now it’s time to use them

Yet, I have no answer

And I ask

Is there a God?

Yes! I’ve found His manual

Reading it, it’s inspiring

Thinking it, it’s mind blowing

And I found His words that said

I made evil and good for my pleasure


I can no longer ask

Is there a God?

Abba Elijah also known as elija_god (elijagod)

Poem Analyzes and Interpretation

"Is there a God Poem" is a reflective poem that explores the speaker's evolving understanding of the existence of a higher power. The poem progresses through different stages of questioning, seeking knowledge, and ultimately finding a resolution.

In the first stanza, the speaker expresses a sense of prior knowledge or connection to God before their existence on Earth. However, upon entering the world, they feel a lack of familiarity or understanding of God's presence, leading them to question if God truly exists.

In the second stanza, the speaker acknowledges their capacity to learn and gain knowledge from their experiences and observations. Despite the increasing comprehension of the world, there remain aspects that elude their understanding, prompting further contemplation about the existence of God.

The third stanza delves into the duality of life experiences, encompassing both suffering and joy. The speaker finds value in extracting lessons and principles from these contrasting emotions. However, despite this accumulation of knowledge, they still lack a definitive answer to the question of God's existence.

The fourth and final stanza takes a turn as the speaker reveals their discovery of a manual, presumably referring to a religious text. Reading and contemplating its contents, they find inspiration and a profound impact on their thoughts. They come across a passage that suggests God's intention in creating both good and evil. This realization leads the speaker to a resolution, where they no longer question the existence of God.

Overall, the poem follows a journey of questioning, seeking knowledge, and finding a personal resolution regarding the existence of God. It portrays the speaker's progression from uncertainty to a newfound understanding and acceptance, ultimately finding solace in the teachings they discover.


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