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Testing the Credibility of Writing Sites; and having Fun Doing it

Updated on December 21, 2017


Every other day up pops a new 'online writing' site. Most, if not all are not really about writing, they're about getting wallpaper on which to hang ads.

Many claim to pay xyz whether directly or through Adsense.

Many pay nothing.

In a previous article about Protecting Yourself when joining online writing sites I dealt with the more sober aspects. This article is more fun.

What I Really Do

I have a very well honed sense of the ridiculous. I also tend to be a bit more cautious and maybe deceptive than the average person...(I'm Jamaican).

I have two basic methods I use during a 'Site Test'.

One is generically called my 'Clown Series' which is a lot of fun and the best for
those brand new dodgy kinds of sites.

Two is my 'Double Up'. This is where I write an item for one of my Trusted sites, and
put it in the Draft Tray. I will then copy it and submit it to the new site. If I am dissatisfied with the new site I will move the item to 'publish' on the Trusted site.

Three is my Rework. I take an article I've published a year or so ago, redo it, slap on
a new name, and put it on the new site.

Clown Series

Pick a topic you know absolutely nothing about.
Something you have never done or seen.

Imagine yourself a Hollywood Actor, a
proctologist, a member of the CIA,
anything that amuses you.

Amusement is key here.

You are writing to crack yourself up .

You are writing in such a voice that you are literally ROTFLAO with every other
sentence. You are giving advice about what you don't know.

But you are writing as an Expert.

Often I'll use being a Clown in a Circus. (That's why I call it the Clown Series)

On occasion I'll do a skim of a Wikipedia article to put a little 'meat' on the bones.
But often I make it up as I go along.

A Word About Wikipedia

Although you may disbelieve this, the majority of people who use the Internet actually accept Wikipedia as an authority.

They believe every single entry.

They will defend whatever is currently in a Wikipedia article as if it was writ in stone by a Sacred Hand.

People have posted ridiculous crap in Wikipedia.
Wrong, biased, stupid, drivel.
Those reading it, will virtually Die to defend it as true.

Hence, since the majority believe whatever is published in Wikipedia you do a skim
of it, so that when the 'editor' or 'moderator' of the site on which you've posted
(or even your readers) go to 'verify' your information, your veracity will be confirmed.

After all, that is what 'Wikipedia' says.

The Double UP

This needs little Explanation, so I'll give Little Explanation.

Write a very good item, something you would publish on one of your usual sites.
Post it on your usual site, but in the 'Drafts' folder.

Copy and Paste that Article on the New Site under a different name.
(I'll deal with different nicks and email below).


Many of the New Sites are pretty glitchy. They have flakey Editors or odd protocols, so that your items goes into some kind of 'Pending' limbo.

Once 24 hours have passed and your item remains Pending go back to your
original in the Draft folder and publish it.

See what happens.

If the item still remains 'Pending' in the new site after it's published on your
usual site, you can pretty much ignore that new site. It is rubbish.

Often, unless you contact the Editor of the new site, or write an article about it,
the owners/site managers haven't a clue that you exist.

Some dodgy sites take 'Pending' work, especially when it's good, and put it
into various other languages and publish it elsewhere, usually without your name.

Remember; you posted it on the Real site on Monday at 9:am and contributed it
to Dodgy Site on Monday at 10 p.m. Real site was first in time.

Real Site has the Copyright; hence Dodgy has to take it down.

To Give You An Idea

When I find a new writing site I immediately create a new Crap Mail account.

Crap Mail is my generic name for an email account which is supposed to act as a toilet. I use an invented name or nick, and 'step into character'.

Today I'm going to be a Clown. A clown in a circus. I'm going to tell you all about how to be a clown in a circus. I don't know anything about clowns, circuses, and don't like clowns or circuses.

I go to Wikipedia, skim it, and then write about three different articles on the topic.

I may, if I'm feeling especially ridiculous, Network one of them, but usually, just having them published on the site is enough damage.

Now I sit back and watch. See how many hits I get, comments, etc.
And I wait for my coin.

If I don't get paid, cool. The article isn't worth 1c.
If my copyright is stolen, cool. They've just stolen my garbage.
If I can't delete my articles, or edit them, alas.

At the end of the day, the Scam site has my Glop.
I got a lot of laughs writing it, so I guess that's enough 'pay'.

If I do actually get paid I will probably write something a bit more substantial
but do it in the 'double up' style.
I'll wait a little time, just to see if the pay was a one off, or if it is a real site
which pays on some schedule..

If it proves to be a real writing site, well, I clean up my mess.
If it isn't...enjoy.

A Last Word About Scams

The reason scams can go on for so long is because they select certain fools and pay them.

These fools think because they got paid everyone else got paid, save those

These fools will spend their lives defending the site.

That out of 50k users only 15k are paid is not known until the site is closed.
This is because these 15K fools will attack everyone who complains.
This means that new suckers are constantly sucked in.

All Scams pay the first time.

Never defend a site unless you have been paid three or more times and those
who complain have had their membership cancelled and their items removed.

People who break the rules of a site and are thrown off the site don't complain.
They know what they did.

People who have their items remvoed from the site have nothing to complain about.

Anyone who complains they haven't been paid, and their items are still earning revenue for the site, proves that the site is a scam. Proves that you are being paid from the money they aren't collecting.


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