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Thanksgiving from Sunday's Best

Updated on March 8, 2015

Sunday's Best

Thanks for Giving, Excerpt from Sunday's Best

Chapter 7

Thanks for Giving

For Thanksgiving the church had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. It was another potluck, but with all the trimmings. The church provided the turkeys and Brother Paul Tucker and a small crew had helped him cook them. He had made the Turkey stuffing three different ways. One was made with raisins, apples and walnuts. Another one was made with cornbread and sausage and the third was regular turkey stuffing with juices from the turkey, celery, onion, salt, pepper and sage.

Philip had to try all three and piled his plate with everything else from mashed potatoes, corn, yams, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. And then to top it off he went back for seconds and dessert. Grabbing another plate he chose Janie’s homemade apple pie, pecan pie and some pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. “This was so good,” Philip said patting his full stomach. Janie laughed, “You look like you’re going to burst. Philip chucked, “I think so too; I guess I better go walk some of this off.” “I’ll go with you,” said Janie. “I couldn’t help it; I had to try all three of brother Paul’s stuffing too. “Boy, this church sure knows how to make a great meal.

All the ladies are such good cooks and Brother Paul out did himself this time didn’t he?” said Janie. “They sure do,” said Philip. “Let’s take that walk.” After a nice walk Janie and Philip rejoined the others. “Remember, Janie, what I told you the first time you had potluck with us?” said Joe Hanson. “We wouldn’t be Baptist if we didn’t like to eat.” “That’s right,” Joe’s wife Joyce, said tapping him on the shoulder and nodding her head in agreement.

Sunday's Best Thanksgiving excerpt: Continued:

While everyone was still eating, Pastor Scott asked if anyone would like to give a testimony of thanksgiving. Philip was the first one to stand. “I am so thankful for my salvation, this church and my new friend Janie,” Philip said as he patted Janie’s shoulder lovingly. “Amen to that.” everyone said. Janie had to stand next “You all know I wasn’t looking for a church until my sister Tricia told me about yours. I am so glad God sent me to you. You all have been an inspiration in my life and I am very thankful.” Janie looked down at Philip smiled and said,” I am glad God put my new friend Philip in my life too. It is so nice to know real people who love the Lord and love to serve him. Joe and Joyce got up next and praised God for the healing in their lives and how God was so good. Many more gave thanks and praised the Lord.

Then it was time to go home. The night had been such a blessing that nobody wanted to leave as they chatted and slowly went to their cars. “Have a good day tomorrow Philip!” Janie said calling from her car. “I will and you too,” smiled Philip as he stepped up on the step of his truck. “I will be having family over tomorrow.” “Me too,” Janie smiled back “I’m having dinner with my sister Tricia and my Brother Tom’s family. Good night.” “Good night,” Philip said as he started his trucks engine.

Love's Beginning

My son Larry and Evelyn playing Spanaway Park before their wedding
My son Larry and Evelyn playing Spanaway Park before their wedding | Source

Happy Anniversary Larry and Evelyn

The 7th year and still going strong
The 7th year and still going strong | Source

Sunday's Best and Me

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Sequel to "Sunday's Best"

I have the sequel to "Sunday's Best" at my editor's and hope to have it ready for publication this year 2015. It is called "Strong Bonds of Love." Continuing loves journey with Philip and Janie. Here is an excerpt from "Strong Bonds of Love":

Chapter 1

Sisterly Love

Just one more month and our baby will be born Janie thought to herself as she scurried around the kitchen busily washing out cupboards and placing new shelf paper on the shelves. I want to have everything ready, clean and fresh before she comes. I know I will have my hands full enough when she’s here. A couple of weeks ago, Philip and Janie had picked two bible names for their little girl, while they were sitting at the kitchen table going over the details of the nursery. Philip had chose Rachel and Janie chose Sarah. Janie had loved both names and couldn’t decide which one she liked the best, when Philip said to her. "How about calling her Sarah Rachel?" Philip exclaimed. “Oh, I like that very much and it has a good ring to it too,” Janie sparkled. “Then Sarah Rachel she will be Philip said lovingly.”

Janie was still scurrying around the kitchen cleaning when she heard a gentle knock at the front door. Janie stepped down from the step stool and headed for the door. “Well,” Hi! Sis what brings you by this beautiful spring morning Janie smiled standing back so Tricia could come in. I just had to run some errands and thought I would stop by to see how you are doing. Tricia smiled back. Would you like a cup of coffee Janie asked? I would love a cup thank you. I’ll get it, you set down and rest for a bit. I see you have been busy in here Tricia said pointing to the shelf paper.

My author and ISBN #

To find my books online and order your copy Bonnie J. Lytle Smith "Sunday's Best" ISBN # 1-4241-6418-4 You will find the my children's book there as well "The Kitty who lived on a Hill" 1-4421-9932-6

© 2009 Bonnie J. Smith


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