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That Cure All Medicine---Laughter!

Updated on August 29, 2009

I have written on this subject many times and I will continue to do so for I believe in it. In today's gloom and misery that is blaring from all around the world and in our lives, we all need some of this contagious medicine that can not be prescribed by any doctor.

Laughter is found in humans and in various animals. There are thousands of languages and hundred of thousands of dialects, but they all have laughter.

Laughter triggers healthy and physical changes in the body. Humor and laughter strengthens your immune system, boost energy and diminishes pain. It is good for your heart and brain, relaxes your muscles, relieves stress and improves your mood.

The following methods have never failed me when I needed them:

• Characters:

Yes, in the most difficult times in our lives we can still draw on those, events, people and our own surroundings. In every family we have had that one character that many times said or done something that embarrassed, or shocked everyone else. Yet, maybe right at the moment we didn't laugh about it---but later on, that incident brought us laughter or a simple grin that would turn into deep laughter.

My many friends that I have met here on the HUBS, know that our lovable character was Grandma! She and she alone brought us through many rough times with her antics long after she was gone. For those of you that have not met her---"It's Free-Take-it!" Grandma Your Busted!" is just an example of what a person can draw on to over come those bumps in the road and stress that you may cross over in today's world.


I believe if you can not laugh first at yourself then you you should not have the right to laugh at others. Now here I will attempt to give you some of my own examples, and or you might have had these same unexplained---mysteries?

1. You open the refrigerator to get the milk and there sits a big roll of paper towels and one time I distinctly remember the iron was sitting there right by the butter with it's cord wrapped neatly around it. Now being I am the only one here and the dog could not have reached that top shelf in the refrigerator---hum?

2. Walk half way up the stairs and stop and wonder why or what you were going to do when you got there?

3. Spend twenty minutes looking for your glasses and they are up on your head.

4. You drive to a store where you have been before and you always turned right at that Shell service station. Now! why did they move that station and put a Burger-King there or did they just move the damn store?

5. While trying to dial the hand held phone you find that the TV remote does not accomplish that feat.

6. When having lunch with three good friends, why could they not tell you that you have your shirt on wrong side out?

Yes, my friends whether you admit it or not we have done some weird laughable things and no it is not limited to just the elderly. Of course we have some pre-concepts that it is normal at aging and it is accepted and given us memories of humor and laughter. " Age Can Be Colorful.

I am 77 years young and I have never taken any medicines. My drug of choice is LAUGHTER.

by Ginn Navarre

♥  My lips have touched the salt of tears

♥  My lips have touched the clear cool waters

♥  My lips have touched the morning sun

♥  My lips have touched the smiles that were given

♥  My lips then parted to touch and hold the laughter that life has given.



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    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 7 years ago

      Linda yes, this cure-all-medicine has picked me up many times and dusted me off to just go forward. Remember take one table spoon a DAY.

    • profile image

      Linda Myshrall 7 years ago

      Ahhh! Another Believer! Ginn, This is great--as is your sense of humor. I come from a southern family (another group of storytellers!) that has been using humor to muddle its way through the dramas du jour for centuries.

    • Michael AngelOh profile image

      Michael AngelOh 7 years ago from Hawaii

      Aloha Ginn... Quite right... Laughter good medicine and the best anti-depressant. Mahalos for sharing..!

    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 7 years ago

      jimcain yes indeed, maybe that habit keeps laughter in our lives???

    • jimcain207 profile image

      jimcain207 7 years ago from HUMPHREY, ARKANSAS

      Love this hub!! It reminds me of myself, especially going up the stairs and forgetting.....I have been known to do that twice in a row!!Now that

      's bad. Coming back for more, Thumbs up!!

    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 7 years ago

      abcd1111 yes and we didn't have to buy our DRUG OF CHOICE, it just seems to come naturally, thanks.

    • abcd1111 profile image

      abcd1111 7 years ago from Glen Ellyn, IL (Chicago suburb)

      "My drug of choice is LAUGHTER." Me too! See my profile!

      Laughing is a cure-all. Stay young Ginn!

    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 7 years ago

      Peppermeint thanks, for dropping by. Yes indeed in todays world we certainly need some laughter--as they say a day without laughter is a day---wasted.

    • Peppermint Thrift profile image

      Peppermint Thrift 7 years ago

      Ginn Navarre - you are awesome and an inspiration! I was laughing at all of the things that you posted that I have definitely done and do at least once a day (forgetting what I went into a certain room for, getting in the car and then where was I going?). Anyway, sage advice, I have to laugh I always say or else I would be crying. Life is too short not to laugh. My fiance makes me laugh to tears almost every day and that is a big reason why I love him so much. It just doesn't benefit anyone to be serious all the time! Anyway, I just came across your hubs and will continue to read - love them!

    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 8 years ago

      Jerilee there doesn't seem to be a shortage of laughter in our family, although I haven't tried the not-putting-gas in the car yet!!!thats probably because they moved the gas station.ha

      Feline thanks, as Jerilee and I know there is no shortage of laughter in our family--it just comes naturally.

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 8 years ago

      As always it's great to laugh with you GN! :)

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

      If I didn't have a sense of humor either I or someone else would have been dead a long time ago. Have to laugh at me, yesterday I was in a hurry to get somewhere but had to get gas in the car. Paid for it and drove off without pumping the gas, noticed at the next light my gas gauge was still on empty and got to drive back and explain to the young clerks in the store (who were laughing) that they needed to turn the pump back on.

    • Ginn Navarre profile image

      Ginn Navarre 8 years ago

      Nancy, your grandmother was very wise. I have followed that same path as you have. It seems that a lot of people never get away from the negative paths to find that fork in the road.

    • profile image

      Nancy's Niche 8 years ago

      My grandmother always told me that even in the worst of situations, there is something that will summons laughter. She said, “Always keep your sense of humor because that will take you through the toughest of times.” I have---and it has!

    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      I believe in the power of laughter too and living more in the now. Enjoyed your HUB. Love the video too. For more fun, please visit my new HUB about cruising....Gary.

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 8 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      Laughter is indeed the best medicine, nothing more to say really. Nice Hub.

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Gin Navarre, great hub! I agree, laughter is the best medicine and a good way to avoid illness. It sounds as if it works really well for you!

      I don't necessarily have the best sense of humor, but I make sure that there is plenty of laughter in my life. Both Bow and Sword love to be tickled!