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Chip & Pin's Spooky Tomb Mystery - A short story for Children

Updated on July 30, 2012

No.1 - The Mystery of the Spooky Tomb 

One very wet Tuesday afternoon during the summer holidays, Chip was as usual busy playing in his bedroom on the games console. It didn't matter if it was raining outside or not, Chip always locked himself away in his bedroom. He never played outside as he was really scared of the hooded bullies, who hung around at the end of his street.

Chip didn't really care. He had made his own little world, which he would escape to by playing on his games console. Chip spent hours and hours playing the games with his only friend, who was his little grey pet mouse called Pin. Pin was a small, skinny mouse with with a very long tail and big round ears.

He loves to sit on Chip's shoulder to watch him playing his games in his bedroom. Chip's mum laughs, because Chip talks to Pin all the time as if he understands every word.

Chip had been given a brand new game for his 9th birthday. It was an adventure into the dark world of ancient tombs full of huge spiders and other creepy crawlies. After several goes, Chip just couldn't get passed the first level. He was completely stuck, but kept on trying different ways of reaching the end.

Chip looked at Pin, who was sitting on his shoulder. "Pin, I found a great cheat on the Internet at school today, and we are going to finish the level this time". Pin just looked at Chip and rubbed his eyes with his paws as if to say "yeah right". "We are going to make it this time Pin" added Chip as the game started to load up. This games console was not like the one you or I can buy in the shops.

Instead of being black or silver, Chip's game console was dark blood red with a picture of a gold dragon on the lid. What Chip like was the way the Fire-starter dragon brightly lit up and shone on his bedroom ceiling while the game was loading up. Chip's Step-Dad or Mum didn't know it, but this was a magical box. Chip waited for the game to load, and watched as the huge dragon appear on his bedroom ceiling. It was so bright, it made him close his eyes tight.

When Chip opened his eyes again, he was standing right in the middle of a huge jungle. It was so hot, and the noises from all the birds and animals and was really loud. Chip looked around, but all he could see was more and more jungle. Chip had been here before, but each time the game was slightly different to the last.

Just as Chip sat down on a large fallen tree, a voice called out "come on Chip I have been waiting for ages for you" Chip looked up, and smiled. It was his little friend Pin. But, now Pin wasn't so little, he was taller than Chip, and could talk as well. "Come on slow coach, the entrance to the tomb is over here" called Pin as he ran along a path into the jungle.

Chip followed Pin into the jungle along the path to the tomb's entrance. The hole into the tomb was dark, muddy and very wet. “Sherbert, I don't like the look of this, I am really scared Pin”. Pin said “It's okay to be scared, but sometimes we all have to do scary things as we grow up”. Chip got on his knees and followed Pin into the dark tomb.

After crawling for a little bit, they came into a big cave with burning torches on the walls. Chip and Pin stood up and looked around. The cave had lots of old drawings on the walls and had seven doors with a picture of an animal on each. “We have to pick the right door to go through to find all the treasure” said Pin.

The two friends study all the pictures on the doors one by one. “I am not sure which is the right one Pin” sighed Chip. Pin said, “we have have to keep looking for a way into the secret tomb full of treasure”. “The old people who use to live here said that the roof of the tomb was full of sparking diamonds” replied Chip.

“You are right, and I have been looking for 20 years for the way into the tomb” said a man's voice behind Chip and Pin. The man talking behind Chip and Pin made them both jump with fright. Chip and Pin turned around slowly. In front of them was a man dressed in a smart suit, white shirt and black tie with a torch in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

“I am Professor Fedora from the British Museum, pleased to meet you” shaking their hands hard with a firm handshake. The Professor told Chip and Pin the story of the ancient tomb and the people who built it for their dead kings. “The tomb is full of dangerous traps and secret doors, which have stopped the people trying to find all the treasure” said Professor Fedora. His stories really frighten Chip and Pin. “People have actually died in here looking for the secret treasures” added the Professor in a serious tone.

Chip was real scared and sat down next to a broken statue of a naked woman. As he sat down, his bum accidentally pushed on a secret handle. Very slowly, one of the huge doors started to swing open. Both Chip and Pin screamed together as the dusty door creaked open. “Jolly good” said Professor Fedora rubbing his chin, “you have actually found the way in.

“Come on you two” called Professor Fedora as he march into the dark passage using his torch to light the way. Chip and Pin looked at each other. “Sherbert, I am not waiting here, its far too scary” said Chip. The two friends ran after the Professor into the dark and spooky passageway, just as the door slammed shut hard behind them.

“Well, we can only go one way now” sighed Pin looking up at all the huge spiders webs hanging down from the roof. “I hope we don't meet the spiders that made those webs” said Chip. “The spiders found in these caves and tombs are concidered to be mostly harmless” said the Professor. Chip and Pin looked at each other and said together “mostly harmless?”

The pair walked faster so they were right behind Professor Fedora. Just then, the Professor stopped dead in his tracks. “Don't move” whispered the Professor, “I think there is a trap ahead”. Chip said “don't worry, we are both staying right here”. The Professor got his umbrella, opened it, and pushed it hard into the spiders webs ahead.

Just then a sharp blade flashed in front of their eyes only centimetres from their faces. “Gosh, that was rather close” said Professor Fedora. Chip and Pin's legs were both shaking like trees in the wind. Just then Chip remembered a cheat for this game he found on the Internet.“Professor, we have to crawl flat on our bellies to get pass all the blades” said Chip.

“Right” said Professor Fedora as he got on his knees and started to crawl under the blades.Chip started to follow the Professor, but Pin was too scared. “Come on Pin” called Chip.Suddenly, Pin heard a loud noise behind him, which really scared him. “Wait for me” shouted Pin as he dived under the sharp blades just above his head.

"Well" said the Professor, "that's the first task out of the way". "I hope there are no more" said Pin as the three walked deeper into the tomb. Just then, they heard a noise further down the dark tunnel like a train rumbling. "Bats!" shouted the Professor, "Get down quick and cover your faces" Out of the darkness thousands of bats flew down the tunnel, squeaking loudly as they passed.

The Professor used his umbrella to hide his face from the bats. "People laugh because I take an umbrella everywhere, but sometimes it can be very useful indeed" said the Professor. “I wish I had an umbrella too” sighed Pin. Chip laughed as he stood up and brushed himself down again.

"How much further is there to go Professor Fedora?" asked Chip. The Professor, scratching his chin, said: "who knows, as far as I am aware nobody has got this far before". "But one thing, we need to find a save point soon or otherwise we will have to do this level all over again" said the Professor. With all the excitement, Chip had forgotten he was on the first level of the game. "We must push on" said the Professor.

"Yes", cried the Professor pointing to the huge orange game-save star shape hanging from the roof further down the tunnel. "Pin, climb on my shoulders and touch the star" said Chip.Pin climbed up, leaned over and touched the bright light. Just then, the floor fell away, and the three started to slide down a steep tunnel. Chip and Pin screamed loudly as they all slid into the darkness below.

The dark slide twisted and turned, and suddenly ended with Chip, Pin and the Professor dropping into a massive pool in a temple with a big splash. Chip and the Professor both swam to the surface together, but there was no sign of Pin anywhere. “Sherbert, I bet that silly mouse can't swim” shouted Chip to the Professor. The pair took deep breaths, and dive down to search for Pin.

A minute later, all three surfaced with Chip pulling Pin up on to the poolside by his tail. The three walking into the centre of the temple which was lit all around with hundreds of burning torches. A huge stone table sat in the middle of the temple, on which somebody had carved a picture of a huge bell in the table. Chip looked around and said “I think we have to find a bell and ring it to discover the treasure”.

All three looked up into the temple's roof, but they couldn't see a bell anywhere. “We must look for that bell” said Professor Fedora, “let's split up and search around”. Chip and the Professor went off in directions, while Pin searched around the pool. Pin found a little room, which was an old toilet, so he decided to use it. To flush the toilet afterwards Pin had to pull an old rope hanging above his head hard.

Suddenly, a huge bell rang loudly, and the whole temple shook really hard. “Wow” thought Pin, “that was some flush on the toilet” as he was running towards the centre of the temple. All three dived under the huge stone table as the bell kept ringing hard shaking the temple. Large pieces of ceiling came crashing down filling the room with thick dust. Professor Fedora put up his umbrella again to keep the dust off him as the temple collapsed all around.

After a few minutes, the bell ringing and the shaking stopped as quick as it started. Chip and Pin slowly looked out from under the table as the dust started to clear. “Whoops” said Pin, “I think we have broken it, and there is no treasure here either”. All three climbed out slowly, and looked around at the mess.

“Well, I don't believe it” cried the Professor pointing upwards. As they looked up they could see thousands and thousands of diamonds shinning through the clearing dust. “We have found the secret treasure of the tomb” shouted Pin in his excitement. Chip rubbed the dust off his glasses, and looked hard at the black roof full of sparkling diamonds. “Sherbert, those are not diamonds”, pointed Chip, “they are stars, and the roof is the night sky”

“Oh dear” said Professor Fedora, “I believe you are right Chip” The three adventurers looked up at the clear night sky with thousands and thousands of stars shining brightly. “It's absolutely beautiful, but I should have guested the ancient people's treasure was the stars” said the Professor. “All those greedy people searching for the buried treasure were looking for the wrong thing” added the Professor.

Chip looked at Pin, “Well Pin, as my Granny Annie keeps telling me, all that glitters is not gold, or in this case, diamonds – it seems she is right”

Just then there was a loud bang on the floor beneath them and a voice shouting. “Chip, will you turn off that game, and come down for your dinner right now” called Chip's mother. Chip looked up and the tomb had disappeared, and he was right back in his bedroom again. He looked around and found Pin had returned back to his normal size. “Pin we have done it, we have completed the level this time”.

Chip ran downstairs into the dinning room, and sat down at the table. “Chip” asked his mother, “why are you all covered in dust?” Chip looked down at his dusty clothes. “Mum, if I told you, you would never believe me” replied Chip.

~ The END ~

Copyright © David Lloyd-Jones 2010

All rights reserved.


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    • Midnight Oil profile imageAUTHOR

      Midnight Oil 

      8 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      More short stories for Chip & Pin coming real soon...

    • Midnight Oil profile imageAUTHOR

      Midnight Oil 

      8 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Chip & Pin's Spooky Tomb Mystery - Kid's love these new characters...


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