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Chip & Pin and the Deep Space Rescue - A Children's Adventure Story

Updated on June 10, 2011

No. 2 - Deep Space Rescue

One very wet Tuesday afternoon during the summer holidays, Chip was busy playing in his bedroom on the games console.

It didn't matter if it was raining or not, Chip was always in his bedroom. He never played outside as he was really scared of the hooded bullies, who hung around at the end of his street.

Chip didn't really care. He had made his own little world, which he would escape to by playing on his games console.

Chip spent hours and hours playing the games with his only friend, who was his little grey pet mouse called Pin. Pin was a small, skinny mouse with with a very long tail and big round ears. He loves to sit on Chip's shoulder to watch him playing his games in his bedroom. Chip's mum laughs, because Chip talks to Pin all the time as if he understands every word.

Chip's friend at school had given him a new game to try. Chip raced home, straight up the stairs and closed the bedroom door tight behind him. “Pin", announced Chip "we are going fight nasty space pirates tonight” as he loaded the disc into the game console. This games console was not like the one you or I can buy in the shops.

Instead of being black or silver, it was dark blood red with a picture of a gold dragon on the lid. What Chip like was the way the Fire-starter dragon brightly lit up and shone on his bedroom ceiling when the game was loading up. Chip's Step-Dad or Mum didn't know it, but this was a magical box. Chip waited for the game to load, and watched as the huge dragon appear on his bedroom ceiling. It was so bright, it made him close his eyes tight.

Before Chip could open his eyes, he could already hear shouting and laser blast guns being fired. Chip thought perhaps it wasn't a good idea to load this level of the game. A quick look revealed that he was in the middle of a corridor of some sort of spaceship."Pin" whispered Chip. "Where are you buddie" trying not to attract the attention of who was firing.

Chip looked around and seen an arm waving a bit further down the corridor. "Chip, in here quick" called Pin. "You will have to crawl along the floor flat on your belly, so they will not see you". Chip slid along the floor towards Pin hiding in a doorway. Just as he dived through the door laser blasts shot up and down the corridor.

"Sherbet, it's too dangerous out there" said Chip trying to catch his breath. "Exactly where are we Pin?" "Deck 20, Sub-section 12, Room 14" laughed Pin. "Well, that's what it's says above the door" "It's some sort of spaceship, in the middle of a battle" added Pin.

Chip and Pin looked around the room, which seemed to be some sort of hospital full of beds. "It's too late, He's dead Jim" laughed Chip. "What are you taking about" asked Pin. "Oh, just having a Star Trek" moment" replied Chip. Their fun was cut short with the sound of talking outside the door.

"Quick, don't let them get in, we don't know if they are good or bad" whispered Pin. "Let's block the door" replied Chip.

They both look around but couldn't see anything to use. "We could jam the door by pushing something in to this slot" said Pin. Chip reached into one of the many pockets in his cargo pants and pulled out a local library card and jammed it hard into the slot.

The door controls short-circuited with a flash and a whiff of smoke."Sherbet, that worked better than I though" smiled Chip.

"Brilliant, but how do we get out of here?" quizzed Pin. "They always escape through the ventilation system in films" remarked Chip. The pair looked up at the huge ventilator on the ceiling and the inspection hatch.

"Climb on that hospital bed and open the hatch Pin" said Chip guarding the door. Pin jumped up on to the bed, pulled open the inspection hatch and pulled himself up. "Com'on" cries Pin as Chip races across the room, leaps on to bed and is helped up by Pin. The pair closed the hatch tight, just as the door was blown open and sound of laser blast filled the room. Chip and Pin sat in the darkness too scared to speak or move.

After several minutes, the talking stop and they heard footsteps heading off down the corridor. "What do you think is going on Pin?" whispered Chip. "Seems we are on a spaceship, which has been boarded by pirates" replied Pin. "What are they up too?" quizzed Chip."Robbing all the passengers, this is a cruise ship it seems" added Pin

The two friends were sitting in the pitch dark up in the ventilator shaft. Chip pulled a small torch out of another of the many pockets in his cargo pants. "It's funny, in films the ventilator shafts are all have lights" said Chip. Chip shone his torch down the length of the shaft, which seemed to go on forever. "Well Pin, lets head off down here and see if we can find a way out".

Outside, several smaller pirate ships attacked the huge cruise ship. As each ship passed the massive hull of the liner, they fired lasers into the vessel. One had a lucky strike, and blew out the ship's stabilisers. The massive vessel shook and started to tilt sharply down at the front end. The crew on the bridge of the huge cruise ship fought to regain control before too much damage was caused.

Meanwhile, the sudden tipping of the spaceship had turned the ventilator shaft into a massive slide. The pair screamed loudly as they slid head first fast down into the darkness. As they plunged uncontrollable further down Chip thought this was the end - game over. Fortunately, the crew of the cruise managed to regain control and level the vessel out again. Chip and Pin slid to a gentle halt only meters away from the end of ventilation shaft.

“Sherbet that was too close Pin" said Chip trying to catch his breath. Chip shines his touch around and sees a opening further down. "Let's try there Pin" said Chip pointing to a dark passage way. The pair crawled down the access tunnel and slowly opened a hatch. As they pushed the hatch full open they were greeted with several lasers blaster pointing right at them.

The crew of the star cruiser pulled Chip and Pin out of the ventilation shaft on to the ship's bridge. As they lay on the floor the crew prodded with their laser blasters. "They are too young and not ugly enough to be pirates" commented one. "Leave them alone and get then up" demanded a man in a uniform. "They are clearly passengers that have escaped" he added.

As they stood up, the man introduced himself as Captain Bahnas, the commander of ship. "I didn't realise that any passengers managed to escape form the pirates" the captain boomed in a deep voice. "You're safe for now, we are just preparing to abandon ship, there are just too many pirates" he added. Just then, the bridge shook heavily as a damaged pirate ship crash into the side of the spaceship just below.

"Is there nothing you can do to stop them Captain Bananas" demanded Chip. "My name is Bahnas, not Bananas" boomed the Captain furiously. "And there is nothing we can do, these pirates know exactly what how to stop and board us". "Our guns are totally useless against them, we might as well be throwing sticky cream buns at them" added the Captain.

"That's the answer" cries Chip. "What throw cream cakes at them" laughed Pin. "A well aimed chocolate éclair is not going to stop a pirate Chip" said Pin. "No" said Chip "but my Mum's gravy would stop anything"

"Captain, can we get to the ship's kitchen without being seen by the pirates - I have plan" announces Chip. The captain thinks for a moment 'Yes' he cries, you can fit into service elevator". "Take two security guards with you for protection, but I can't see how gravy is going to stop them". "You haven't seen his mum's gravy, it's absolutely lethal" added Pin.

The pair and the two security guards descended to the kitchen in the service lift. Before letting Chip and Pin into the kitchen area the two guards check around for pirates. Within twenty minutes, Chip had four massive pots of gravy made and ready for action. Fill the tanks for the fire sprinkler system with gravy and turn them on - then we sit back and watch the fun ordered Chip.

Chip and Pin arrived back on the bridge while the crew where watching all the pirates on the ship's cameras get all stuck up with gravy. Captain Bahnas was laughing his head off as the all the pirates were slipping all over the place. Well done Chip and Pin, you have saved the ship and captured all the pirates.

Just then there was a loud bang on the floor beneath them and a voice shouting. “Chip, will you turn off that game, and come down for your dinner right now” called Chip's mother. Chip looked up and the spaceship had disappeared, and he was right back in his bedroom again. He looked around and found Pin had returned back to his normal size. “Pin we have done it, we have saved the spaceship and beat the pirates”.

Chip ran downstairs into the dinning room, and sat down at the table. “Chip” asked his mother, “why have got my gravy on your jumper already?” Chip looked down at the spots of gravy on his clothes. “Mum, if I told you, you would never believe me” replied Chip.

~ The END ~

© David Lloyd-Jones - Copyright 2010

All rights reserved.


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    • Annemari profile image


      5 years ago from Tiny part of the World

      Really wonderful story. Iloved it

    • profile image


      7 years ago



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