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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 15

Updated on September 4, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

Seeing Brother Green, mother started crying and she also started crying. While consoling his mother, he said, "Mother John, I will never go away from you. What is the use of such money which pushes my mother into the sea of ​​the grief of separation?" I never felt at ease here one day. You were the one who sent me, but what good did you get, neither in the sight of your son nor in the sight of your grandchildren? Now thankfully I was able to find your closeness. Thankfully, in your own life, we have come to realize that the protection of our country's honor is far better than the humiliation of a dry outburst. Where there is no respect or tranquility, machine life is not even conscious of spending extra time with oneself.

Her aunt stayed in the hospital for two days. She stayed with her. She stayed with her bandage day and night. She falls asleep on the chair. David feeds him forcibly. Everyone would come to visit and be amazed at the Amy that continued to serve like an aunt's real child. David took Sarah and Brother Green to his house. Jessica also stayed at his father's house and slept with Sarah. Brother Green was given a separate room and Ali was assigned to his service because there was no one in Amy's house.

Ali was going crazy with happiness because of Sarah's stay. His parents also came to visit Brother Green and the party remained frozen for a long time. Brother Green and David will have a good understanding. His words were the same as the absolute views of business. Sarah helps Jessica in the kitchen.

Making tea became his responsibility. He used to call Brother Green a son and sometimes a doll. David also called her doll several times and she was surprised. Brother Green also noticed Ali's interest in Sarah.

Ali used to visit her every day in the evening and give her soup etc. for her grandmother. The two were now gossiping and had become friends.

When Sarah's friends are in the hospital, they are happy to see Ali and Sarah's friendship. He also tried to explain to Brother Green that he listened to the whole thing and said that the task which you people consider easy is a very difficult process.

I have spent time with David's father. I find him very stubborn and egotistical. Even if this marriage does not look good, he will still stick to it for the sake of confusion.

Sarah's friends said yes to him, but we will keep trying until the last moment of marriage and if Allah Almighty wills, we will succeed, God willing.

The aunt was sent home from the hospital and when everyone came home, Amy started working despite being a thief due to exhaustion. Brother Green arranged for a nurse through the doctor and started ordering food from outside. He said to Amy, "Sister Amy, and rest now." Sarah also surprised her mother when she made tea for all the guests and rolled up the pot. The whole house was well taken care of. The working aunt had also returned to work with him. She would not let Amy do any work, she would serve him and she would put food on the bed. I also take care of Brother Green and Grandmother. Brother Green was very happy with it. He bought a new mobile phone and gave it to Sarah as a gift. She was very happy.

Nana had called Brother Green today to talk about marriage.

The aunt was fine now.

The nurse was gone.

The rest of the aunt's children had also come from outside. The house was in full swing.

Aunt's grandchildren had all become friends of Sarah. Who was the same age as Sarah?

When Joseph's aunt and her sons found out about her aunt, they came to see the house.

Amy greeted him with a smile. Sarah was very happy to meet them all because his childhood was spent with them.

Aunt Sarah got a lot of love. Amy said, "I'm sorry, daughter. You've been away from people for so long, but not now." You and Sarah will now go home with us and Sarah's marriage and leave will be from this house. After all, he has grown up here. This is his Mecca. I feel sorry for you. I apologize to you guys. And Brother Green's son and your aunt want permission to take you guys from here.

Amy grabbed Aunt's hand and said please don't apologize again and again you are our elder.

Aunty said, "By the way, my heart does not want to go to Amy, but if you are telling me with so much respect, I will not forbid it. Now Amy wants to go or not." Because this is his Mecca and he is the father-in-law. Both houses are his own where desired.

Brother Green said he also agreed with his mother John's decision. Let Amy do what it wants.

Amy said that if Aunt has come to pick me up with so much respect, then I will definitely go and will also visit my aunt from time to time.

Aunt hugged Amy and thanked him and said that if you refused to go I would be sorry in front of the children that Amy did not forgive you but you decided to go with me and put me in front of the children has served. I told them that I would bring Amy and Sarah. Your portion is still empty. It is not time to use it. The house is so big.

Amy and Sarah were given a warm welcome to Aunt's house. Amy was thanking her Lord for saving her from being homeless. Because there was no space left for her and Sarah in her aunt's house, an ass was placed under her bed in her aunt's room in the morning and taken out at night.

My aunt's younger daughter-in-law often cried because of the exhaustion and lack of space in Amy. She was right about this house. The importance of Amy was now like junk. There was no place for him to go. Sarah used to ask him, "Mama, where are we going now? If I get married, I will find a place. What will happen to you?" Do this, get married now, whether you are young or willing to live with me.

Amy answers, "Trust in Allah Almighty. He who has put me in this predicament, He will take me out of it." Just trust in God and work patiently in difficult times, then soon man will come out of this difficulty and he will get a better reward than that.

Now it felt good to be at Aunt's house because Aunt kept him with her most of the time and ate together with love. Sarah's aunt became friends with his granddaughter. One of Aunt's grandsons liked Brother Green's daughter.

Brother Green also got along well with his aunt's son. When the aunt of Brother Green's family invited him, they were also impressed by the luxury of the uncle's big house and the servants.

Aunt's elder daughter-in-law also did not mind her son's choice and aunt was very happy to see Amy living there like a princess.

Aunt Amy was now considered a daughter and Sarah also called her Dadu. She also fell in love with Sarah who was born and raised in front of her.

Sarah's childhood was spent there. The cradle in the lawn reminded him of his childhood. Then in the case of Amy, her prayer was accepted. She was very happy, but Amy also made her realize that she kept on praying for forgiveness for their reward.

Amy used to give alms according to her ability on the anniversary of her mother and father and take care of their reward.

Aunt asked for Green's daughter's relationship for her grandson and the relationship was simply settled between the two families. Her formal engagement and marriage were arranged after the marriage of Sarah.

Aunt told Brother Green that we will perform Sarah's wedding together. By the way, he had offered that he would marry Amy but Aunt did not accept and said that you are also his uncles so you also have the right.

Brother Green and Aunt's eldest son who was now Brother Green's daughter's father-in-law also got along well with both David and David. He made it clear to David that he could not marry Sarah to you. But he did not accept Amy.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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