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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 9

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of Lost Love
The Arrival of Lost Love

Jessica told Amy about David's consent. She was in constant touch with her on the phone. She was very sorry for Amy that she could not do anything for her and David. She was also reassured by her brother that she should not worry about her daughter. He never even gave his first wife a chance to complain, saying that if it is not beautiful, it is illiterate, then what is his fault in it. Should only beautiful women be loved? If there is a sister or daughter in your house, don't you love her?

Amy said, "I did not want to get married anyway. My daughter will get married. I will entertain her children." Because of you, I was half-satisfied that a spouse like David gets lucky and if this luck comes to my daughter, I will be happier and calmer. I hadn't even mentioned my relationship with my aunt yet. It will be seen when it will happen. I was also embarrassed to talk that my daughter is young so she has lost her relationship.

Jessica said that it was wise of you not to tell your aunt otherwise I would be ashamed to ask for your daughter's relationship now. And you are now thirty-two years old. At that age, many girls don't even get married yet. She was twelve years old when you got married and you were twenty. She is twelve years younger than you. You have grown old in your youth. I wish my father would not be stubborn and would marry Sarah to Ali who is the son of my first cousin. She has a very good family. She has a son and a daughter. The daughter is married. The family is rich and literate. The boy is young. He loves Sarah. Her parents are happy about this relationship. They say that the girl is very innocent and has a good heart. It is only a matter of age that some girls at this age make such idiots and later regret it. He says that if they agree even a minute before the marriage, then we will have a relationship. He has just shifted from the United States to Pakistan. He wanted to marry her as soon, but his son did not like it. The girl will be satisfied by explaining what they were saying. But what about Dad? Anyway, now I have to come to you for this relationship considering my father's health. Please forgive me as you understand my compulsion.

Amy said, "Sister Jessica, don't apologize to me. These are all games of luck." If David had been written in my destiny, there would have been no obstacle already. Whenever you come, I will consider David as my son-in-law.

Jessica said that marrying another good person is not the only good person in the world.

Amy said with a cold sigh that I knew David but now there is no question from anyone else. One experience of life is enough. I will come to the hospital with Sarah to see your father. She is busy with her wedding shopping with her friends. She is very innocent. May God bless her? Amen. Amen. Jessica said.

When Amy came off the phone, she started dealing with scattered household chores. Sarah called to come to the hospital quickly. See David's father.

Sarah's friends had a car. He said, "Aunty, be ready. We will also go with you and drop you both off at home."

When the Amy and Sarah reached the hospital, Sister Jessica and his brother-in-law and Ali were there. Ali then opened his eyes to see Sarah while Amy saw Ali who greeted her in a very polite manner. It did not seem that he had grown up in America. He was speaking Urdu fluently. I was working hard. He liked Amy very much. His mother was also giving a lot of respect to Amy.

David's father was quite surprised when he saw Amy. Now even the hair on his head was black. He looked very graceful. He was talking with great confidence and in a smooth manner. She looked no less than a lady. The seating style was also confident.

The same old map of his house wandered in David's father's mind. He was very disappointed when he entered the neighborhood with his filth and saw filthy drains and filthy filth. When he reached his house, the condition of the house was indicative of poverty. He was sitting on the sofa with a sheet spread on it. The pots in which they were given tea and water were also the cheapest. David's father was confused by the ignorant talk and manner of Amy's father and mother. His father was talking softly like an employee and she was shouting at David's father. They were compelled by the joy of a son who had never threatened to marry. He did come there, but he was worried about what the family would say about what he was looking for in his only son. Amy also sat for a while wrapped in a large cotton sheet. Her appearance was like that of a mother. She was thinking that her housemaids live in a better position. They were worried about the family. David's father from Amy was very proud. He was thinking that if he could have improved his condition before marriage, but when Amy's father was told by David's father that he would bear the entire cost of the marriage, he was very upset and said that he could not do it. Depending on the status, I will call fewer people in marriage but I will pay the expenses myself and cannot afford more than fifteen or twenty people. They wondered who they would call and who they would for replied. After much deliberation, he thought of getting rid of this relationship and thought that even the snake would die and the stick would not break.

Coincidentally I found an old friend who was employed in a car showroom. When I went to see this car, its owner was out of the country and trusted him and handed over the showroom to him, took his family and left to look after the house. The house was entrusted to him for maintenance and the servants were instructed that in his absence they would obey him. He lived alone in this room. His wife and daughter lived in a poor rented area. He started telling David that he was the owner of this showroom and he started wearing the owner's suite and boots every day. Seeing his dress and style, David's father asked him. Impressed he had a very sharp and fat tongue. He took her to the owner's house, drank tea, and told him that this is his house. And when it is found out that he has only one son and he is not married yet, the only relationship has taken place without the consent of David's father. So he said that he has cancer and his wife has died. He grabbed her feet and started crying. "Take my daughter as your own. Let her get remarried later. My daughter is very sensible and patient." I will explain to everyone that you are also rich, I am also your peer and our cast is also one. He had asked the cast with an excuse and told his own story that he knew that some people value their cast very much. He put butter on it and said that all this wealth belongs to his daughter after him. Many greedy people are asking her for a relationship, but you will keep her as a maid, so she will not do it. We have trained her in such a way, just read the marriage certificate quickly. I am about to die, daughter. Want to be handed over to safe hands before dying. When the marriage took place in this room, the reality soon became clear. He was making a fuss. The owner suddenly came and kicked him out and his wife died of shock. Despite knowing everything in David's stubbornness, when Sana got married, he arranged his marriage with great fanfare. He said what the fault of the girl in this is. The man got cancer and he died apologizing.

David's father saw that David entered the room and as soon as he saw Amy, a smile appeared on his face. Sarah's friend called him uncle and started addressing him. Sarah remained silent.

For a moment he felt the pain of his son in his heart but the next moment he was greedy for an heir and he started thinking that if he got married to Amy he would not be able to give an heir. I think he is infertile because No children were born under the Jacob. And there was nothing wrong with Jacob because she had a daughter. I am not hostile to her now. I am thinking of her in the future. I wish she would have a son like I have a good and obedient son. Be lucky what will he get from Amy when he is old? When he sees other people's children, he will regret it. Seeing Sarah sitting in front, he started thinking that if I marry this lovely little girl of his when she will give him an heir, he will forget all this and he will be convinced that my decision was right. If I survived, I would remind him that I was not the enemy of his happiness but was thinking far away. Thinking this, he called Sarah and thanked him, saying that he was very happy with the one who said yes and spread happiness in his house. He will make her very happy because his son is very kind-hearted who took care of the happiness of his illiterate wife so when he finds a lovely and educated wife like you, think how much he will take care of you. You do the shopping of your choice with an open heart. I will pay for all the expenses myself. I will not put a single rupee burden on your widowed mother and later if you keep your mother with you, she will be left alone. If there is a suitable relationship, we will get her married. Right now she is young.

David's father was taken home. He announced the marriage as soon as he came home. He also brought Sarah and his mother home so that they could discuss the marriage in detail. He said, "Call the mother of my son’s wife Amy." Jessica also came along.

Amy sat very confidently and talked to her about the wedding ceremony and arrangements.

Jessica kept saying yes to yes with a sad heart. And Amy looked like she is her mother.

David's father was impressed by Amy's wisdom. She showed pride and said that she could not bring down her daughter's honor with your help in marriage. So that her eyes will always be low on his father-in-law. If you accept my daughter in poverty then let me talk more about marriage. I have to leave her in my makeup and jewelry and also give her bedroom furniture which will be my budget. You will of course change it later. And at least one or two sets of jewelry for her. Will give at the day of Marriage you can do whatever you want.

David's father asked him to write something in the marriage for her and he said that even if I write Millions, it is not a guarantee of good luck. I am a believer in Islamic Sharia Law. By the way, I would also like to talk to Sarah about this. I hope she will agree with me, but I am still afraid that she will not complain that in this case, I did not value her opinion. Sarah was called and all the things we're told to her, so she also replied that whatever my mama decides, I will not disagree with any of her words. Because none other than my mother is my best thinker and mother in the world. I am proud of their training and closeness that she is my mother.

Amy got up with wet eyes, hugged her and fell in love with her, and said, "You have proved me to be my daughter by giving me honor and respect. Be happy, my daughter. May Allah bless you" She began to pray for her and began to clean the floor.

David's father thought in his heart that this woman is a diamond. After all, his wise son did not choose her anyway. I wish I could marry him and there would be no compulsions.

Amy said that you can happily bring as many people as you want to the marriage but you have to make a list soon. And you can get married if you want a few days in advance. I will do henna in my own house and will not invite more people. Your family may be involved. And Sister Jessica will have to come to my aunt and ask for a relationship just to honor her. I will explain to her in the rest of the way what has been decided and I will also invite their children and you people will also have to invite them on your behalf by calling their sons. One has to ask for a relationship for formality. I have no other demands.

Jessica said, "Everything you have said is appropriate and clear. I think my father also agrees with me. Why, my father will not, I am right."

The father said, "I am proud that my son has found such honorable and thoughtful people." He prayed for Amy and said, "God bless you. You are a very good woman." I agree with everything you say.

Ali came to drop them off at home after dinner. Ali was sad. He was looking at Sarah with very sad eyes. He said to Amy, "Aunty, if you ever need any help, please tell me." Amy prays for him, be happy, son. Why not. Then he gave his number to Amy. Amy liked this boy very much anyway but was compelled by the stubbornness of Sarah. She forcibly called him inside the house and asked Sarah to bring juice for him.

When Sarah brought juice, he was looking at it with great sadness. For a moment, the thought came to Amy that this boy loves her very much, why not try Sarah once.

After Ali left, Amy wanted to explain something about Ali, so Sarah shouted, "Mama, don't take the name of this scoundrel in front of me." He keeps moving back and forth all the time. And now that everything is settled, then it is useless to talk about it.

Amy was disappointed.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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