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The Battlefield

Updated on August 10, 2012

Entering the battlefield alone

After the Battle

 The War is over…It was a life’s longest struggle…. A prolonged battle where in the hero fought for something which even she can’t guarantee the purpose.  Her battle was not the usual chaos that we know.   No deadly weapons around, no noise, no victims for her to rescue,   no battalion needed to be defeated and most of all no land to conquer.   It was more   a personal battle, where the hero is the victim herself.  The Hero is the one needed to be rescued.  And yet in her agony and pain, she is the one to be blamed. It was really tough fighting a battle alone, but no one ever told her to go there only by herself.… In fact she was told several times not to enter the battlefield, for it was not for her…  It was not like her…  But with overconfidence, she chose to enter the battlefield, thinking that she knows her battle more than anyone else in this world… And she has all wisdom to be in the war.


during the war

 And the war begins. It seemed never-ending.  The sad part is, the hero is losing her battle.  Injured and devastated, she knew she is falling to depths of sorrow, but it did not happen slowly, she hit the bottom with a great impact that she can almost feel deep scratches all over her body. Fractured bones probably prevented her from moving, and each time she attempted to move, she felt too much pain, no words can explain and no scale can measure.  So she decided to rest and accepted the bitter realization of her life…. She realized that she involved herself in a battle that she knew she can never win. No matter how determined she was or how good her intention was.  She fought hard but it was worthless.  And she cried not only because of pain that touches even her very soul, but also of time she gave away which will take another lifetime to recover..

Self devastation

Problem, I HAVE GOD!

The war is over…. But the devastation remains with her… The wound is so deep that it will require a lifetime to heal, and a divine intervention to recuperate… But she learned her lesson. Losing a war is not the end of everything. The most important is how gracefully you will stand up from your greatest defeat ever. We may encounter wars or battles in our lives one after another and another… But in each battle is learning. Learn never to enter a battlefield without you armor and shield. It could have been a different story if the hero used the power of prayers. It is always the most important weapon in this life. Our faith in God will always be our Armor and shield, which can guaranty our safety no matter how big our troubles are. Let us not forget to say this, “Problem, I have a God”.


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