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The Best Life Quotes- 20 Great Put Downs in Politics

Updated on September 2, 2010
bush talking
bush talking

The Best Life Quotes

Are you stuck for a cutting put-down, or at a loss for a witty riposte.There are always people in life who have a quick remark or put down. sometimes you wish you had said it.

So here are some more verbals, this time from famous politicians. A collection of derogatory remarks from the people who do it best!

Put Downs in Politics

A Conservative is a man who is too cowardly to fight and too fat to run.     Albert Hubbard

Nixon's motto was:If two wrongs don't make a right,try three.      Norman Cousins on Richard Nixon

He is a man suffering from petrified adolescence.      Winston Churchill on Ramsay McDonald

He says he works out because it clears his mind. Sometimes just a little too much.
  Jay Leno on George W Bush

All politics are based on the indifference of the majority.    James Reston

John Major is to leadership what Cyril Smith is to hang -gliding.   John Prescott

Total ass, slimeball.         George Bush on Michael Moore

A sheep in sheep's clothing.    Winston Churchill on Clement Attlee

He has not a single redeeming defect.     Disreali on Gladstone

The first man in twenty years to make presidency a part time job, a means of filling up a few of those otherwise blank days of retirement.    Simon Hoggart on Ronald Reagan

You used to be the future, once. David Cameron on Tony Blair

Attila the Hen. Clement Freud on Margaret Thatcher.

Nothing more than a well meaning baboon.  General McCellan on Abraham Lincoln

A slur upon the moral government of the world.    John Quincy Adam 1767-1848 on Thomas Jefferson

He immatures with age.Harold Wilson  on Tony Benn

Neville has a retail mind in a wholesale business.   David Loyd GeorgeOn Neville Chamberlain

They are not so much a party, more like a disease.    David Owen on Liberal Democrats

Gerry Ford is so dumb that he can't fart and chew gum at the same time.    Lyndon B. Johnson on Gerald Ford

Politics is the art of looking for trouble,finding it everywhere, diagnosing it wrongly, and applying unsuitable remedies.    Ernest Benn

Far better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you're stupid than to open it and leave no doubt.    Norman Tebbit on Dennis Skinner


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    • ronaldoh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from England

      Thanks for looking in sam, and nice hub.

    • sam.azgor profile image

      Sam Azgor 

      5 years ago from Bangladesh

      wow... great collection. you might like one of my hub -

    • profile image

      china man 

      8 years ago

      So many of these can be used in the forums, can't wait to start :D


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