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Stories for Children online for a Month: First Week

Updated on September 6, 2014

1. The King Elephant and the Wise Hare

Once upon a time, the great king of elephants ruled over a forest. During his reign once, all the lakes became dry as there was no rainfall. So, all the elephants approached the elephant king with their request to save their lives threatened without water. The elephant king said, “Please don’t worry! I know of a hidden lake that is always full of water. Let’s go there.”
While the elephants marched towards the lake, they trampled upon hundreds of hares that had been living there for years. Hundreds of them died and thousands were injured.
The hares were worried. One of them said, “If this continues many of us will die. We must find a solution.”
A wise hare came out with a plan, saying, “I have a plan, but we will need a smart hare for it.” They chose an intelligent and confident hare to execute their plan. The same night, the hare approached the king with his plan. He said, “The Moon God has sent me. This lake belongs to him and he has forbidden all of you from drinking water from it.”
“But where is your lord, the Moon?” asked the king.
The hare took the elephant king to the lake, and showing the reflection of the moon in the lake, said, “Here he is, the Moon God! Move quietly and salute him. Otherwise, you will invite his wrath.”
Believing the hare, the elephant king saluted the reflection and left quietly. The elephants never came back to the lake again.

2. The King Cobra and the Ants

Long ago, a huge king cobra lived in a dense forest who hunted during the nights and slept during the day. Gradually, he grew so fat that it became difficult for him to squeeze into and out of his hole in the tree. So, he went in search of another tree.
Finally, the cobra selected a huge tree as his new home but there was a large anthill at the foot of the tree. He slithered up to the anthill angrily, spread his hood and addressed the ants. “I am the king of this forest. I don’t want any of you around. I order all of you to find some other place to live.”
The ants were so united that they did not fear the cobra’s threats. Instead, thousands of ants streamed out of the anthill and marched up to the cobra. They swarmed all over his body, stinging and biting him.
The cobra hissed and wriggled furiously, but he could do nothing to combat the thousands of thorny pricks all over his body. Finally, writhing in pain, the arrogant cobra left the place.

king cobra leaves the place

A Falcon and A Hen

deer and the crow

wolf and the lamb


3. The Conversation between the Falcon and the Hen 


Once upon a time a falcon and a hen entered into a conversation. The falcon said to the hen, “You are the most ungrateful bird.”
“Why do you say that?” the hen asked angrily.
 The falcon replied, “Your masters feed you and keep you warm. But when a man tries to catch you, you fly from one corner to another. I am a wild bird so no one feeds me or cares for me. Yet, I always please those who are kind to me.”
The hen asked quietly. “How would you feel if you saw a falcon roasted over a fire? I have seen hundreds of hens being cooked on fire. So, I know that when a man chases me, it is to deliver me the same fate! If you were at my place, you would never come near your masters again and while I only fly from corner to corner, you would fly from hill to hill.”


4. The True and the False Friends


     Once upon a time, a deer and a crow were great friends. Then a jackal befriended the deer. When the crow saw the deer with a jackal, he warned his friend that the jackal could not be trusted. But the deer ignored his advice.  
     One morning, the jackal took the deer to a field where the farmer had laid a trap. The deer got trapped and called out for help. The jackal sneered, “I’m going to call the farmer. He will kill you and I will get a share of your meat.”
     The deer cried. His cries brought the crow there, who told him a plan to escape.
      Soon, the farmer came as he heard the jackal’s howls. He saw a deer lying dead in his trap. He opened the trap to check but the deer ran away.
     The farmer was incensed at having been tricked. So, he threw his stick towards the deer, but the stick hit the jackal instead, who died.



5. The Disobedient Lamb


    Once upon a time, a goat and her naughty lamb lived together. The goat always advised him to obey her. But the lamb did not to his mother.
     One morning, the lamb ran frolicking to the jungle. The mother goat tried to stop her kid from venturing alone into the jungle, saying, “There are lots of beasts there, don’t go alone.”
     “Don’t worry, mother. I won’t enter into the jungle.” the lamb said.
     After playing in jungle for sometime he wanted to return to his mother. But he lost his way.
     The lamb tried to find his way but failed. He cried and cursed himself for ignoring his mother’s advice.
     Then, a wolf arrived there and said, “Aha! I shall have feast of lamb meat!”
     The wolf seized the lamb and ate him up. The poor lamb paid the price for not listening to the advice of elders.



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