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The Blind Shrimp and the Goby

Updated on May 29, 2014

The Blind Shrimp and the Goby

I do not see well

I have not the gift of sight

Oh who will help me?

I am not safe here

I have no home of my own

Where am I to live?

I do not have sight

But I can dig great big holes

Will you be my eyes?

I can’t make a home

But I can see the dangers

I will protect you

Together we live

In a harmony of two

Safe and sound we are

Swift be swift dear Shrimp

For the predators have come

Hide go hide yourself

Oh Goby oh friend

Swim into the hole I dug

Be safe so safe friend

We are still but two

But apart we are not well

One needs the other

Goby is my eyes

Keeping me safe from harm’s way

And guarding my life

Blind Shrimp is my help

Building a home for us both

So we may be safe

Yes forever friends

The Blind Shrimp and the Goby

Together we live


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