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On the Streets of Quebec

Updated on November 10, 2019

Warm Coffee and Milk


The aroma of coffee has dominated Guinevere's' nostrils while leaning forward against the round table where she settled for the 3 PM ritual - the drinking of milk. Oh, how she loves dairy products. She loves it way back in her childhood up until her current age of 23.

In contrast of her childish desire, Calvin despise anything dairy and loved coffee more. The man who sat across the table had smirked as soon as he saw her grimaced while seeing his cup of coffee, a clear indication of her slightly ruined mood. By all accounts, Calvin pursued her for less than a month when they met five years ago, nevertheless, their love for each other grew much deeper than anyone could think of.

Now, living under one roof doesn't really made a big deal to the people who knew them regardless if they're married or not, at least for that matter, but not with Guinevere. She sure do love the man but she hates his coffee. Fortunately, Calvin knew about that anyway.

"You do love teasing me, huh?" Guinevere asked with a poker face. The rim of the cup pressed her lips afterwards. "Happy, Calvin?"

"You bet."

Her full, doll-like eyes came looking at every corner of the room

Her gazes then turn to stare at the swaying leaves outside - erasing the gloom

Her delicate hands embraced the little cup of milk she dearly loves

And I can't deny that I love Guinevere more than halves

Calvin showed his genuine smile after reading to be somewhat a free-versed poem written on a tiny paper placed beneath his cup. The poem was supposedly hers to read at but to no avail. She didn't had the chance to notice his gift simply because the aroma of coffee has caught her attention first.

"Wow, that's beautiful! Did you write that one?"

He shrugged. Clearly, she knew Calvin made that poem because he's inclined into writing unlike her but, oh, she just wanted to tease him. Good thing that Calvin has more storage capacity for bigger patience than she does.

Guinevere stared at him and later met his eyes.The way he returns her stare screams love and anything similar with that word but keeping it low key. Calvin had reached for her hand and held it tight but a little gentler.

"More than teasing you," he paused and squeezed her hand, "I would love to keep doing that for many more years."

Guinevere's adoring stares for Calvin shifted into sharp ones which surprised him. "Are you proposing for a marriage?"

"Are you upset then?"

Was she? Guinevere was puzzled why she sounded and appeared to be mean by her reaction. She was supposed to be happy if it's truly what Calvin's opted to tell her now yet she's acting otherwise.

"Geez, no, of course not!" She fixed her eyes intently towards him and cleared her throat. "Calvin, I haven't reach my goals yet. But you know that I love you, right?"

Both of them has fell into silence, nobody dared to speak. Guinevere went blank on her mind by what she told him. There's a part of her fearing Calvin might actually not think twice about their status and leave her for good. He's ten year older than her; established and financially stable. Unlike her, she's just starting to face the reality of life outside college after her graduation. The desire to build a career first overwhelms the necessity against her wants.

She met him five years ago on the rainy night of December at the streets of Quebec where maple leaves were rampant in sight. Numerous failures befell Guinevere before meeting Calvin Giovanne which in turn of events had become the reason why their paths were crossed.

Guinevere was grieving for the lost of her parents who died in a car crash from a supposed to be unwinding trip from British Columbia back to Quebec. Aunt Millicent, her father's sister, took the role of becoming her guardian for a 'lifetime' deemed by the court. The old woman has remained good to her unlike what cliche stories does in movies, she kept Guinevere like her own child.

She had a typical family, they're not rich nor poor. Aunt Millicent can support her college expenses but not too long though. Roughly two months after the death of her parents, she found out about the old woman's situation who needed to sustained medicines due to a heart disease.

Guinevere took the errands for her Aunt as she was the only one expected to do such things. Aunt Millicent was the only sibling his father had, worst of all, she's an old maiden who failed to meet the person whom they said to be her partner for a lifetime. She took four jobs while being a third year college student at St. Lawrence Campus to support her studies and Aunt Millicent's medicines plus check-ups.

She didn't complain of how difficult her situation was because Aunt Millicent was thankful to have her, and she's the only life support Guinevere has had. Until Aunt Millicent died after four months, Guinevere lost to the grip of wanting to be alive.

Having the feeling of losing everyone and everything, she decided to end her life as well by walking aimlessly on the streets under the heavy rains for many hours. Honking cars and bad-mouthed drivers yelled at her but she actually didn't care. Guinevere would've been happy if she get hit by a dashing car so she'd die instantly and put an end to her misery. But of course, as if fate had sympathized the lost Guinevere, it gave her Calvin Giovanne to fix her broken state.

Calvin is her lifeline since then and wouldn't trade him for anything.. or will she? Him asking to tie a knot would guarantee her freedom gone. She's full aware that Calvin badly wanted a child only within the bounds of marriage but of course, to her only. He's a gentleman any woman would pray for and the ideal one.. but Guinevere is devoured in confusion.

If she says yes, no more child-free life. But if she says no..

"I would sound hypocrite if I'd say your reaction didn't hurt me, Guinevere." He smiled faintly. It's clear in his looks with the disappointment he had from her. "But it doesn't mean that it made me love you less. I can wait. I really look forward on having coffee at 3 PM with you for the rest of my life."

Calvin had reached Guinevere and pressed his lips on hers. Between those kisses, she felt him smiling and that made her cry again for the first time after five years.. after she'd met him under the rain on the streets. She knew him and so does Calvin.

I met a person when I thought everything I had is slowly fading

He teases me out with the aroma of his cup of coffee says it's pleasing

His kisses and warm embrace sedates the chaos in my head and he's worth having

A person who loves coffee but loves me more than anything

"Woah!" Calvin exclaimed. After all these years, he doesn't really know how to hide what he feels. His eyes were slowly filled by glistening water of tears. "When did you learn writing poetry as beautiful as this?"

Guinevere shrugged yet smiled lovingly to the man who endured everything about her. She went close and wrapped her arms around Calvin. "Is that surprising? of course, I've learn it from the best writer and poet of all times."

"Spill the name please and hurry."

"The one I'm hearing this beautiful heartbeat of."

She and Calvin's eyes were locked at each other. Guinevere heard him whisper "thank you" while becoming teary for a simple poem. For Calvin, it was a masterpiece he'll always treasure in his lifetime.

"Mom, dad? What are you two doing?"

They both turned their heads to a fine young man standing in front of them while tapping away the beach's sand off his body. His face resembled both of Guinevere and Calvin but the latter's features was more dominant.

"Son, were catching up. Love shouldn't cease to be expressed even after thirty years or more," Calvin said and winked at Sebastian.

Guinevere nodded in agreement. "Sure it is, son."

"Err, really?"

The couple laughed at their son's reaction. They understood him very well since he's still young and wouldn't yet have the right moment to meet that one person who'd prove what they just said were true.

Calvin and Guinevere slowly took the road of togetherness which led them at this point of sharing their lives in silver hair, looking at the vast sea and the fruit of their love; their son Sebastian.

"We missed our coffee and milk break, love." Calvin said. His gazes are still fixed on the waves of the sea and the sunset which colored the sky in strokes of red and orange.

"Yeah. We shouldn't forget that tomorrow."

© 2019 Celestial Magna-ong


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