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The Communicator - Note from the Author

Updated on June 22, 2011

While we wait for the next part of The Communicator, I wanted to give you some food for thought.

Note from the Author.

We can’t put a price on youth and the new revelations they bring. The strength in new, fresh ideas, ideas that can overpower old fantasies and beliefs, ideas themselves only infant yet they can control the mind of an ambitious young person who devised them through his own exposure to life. How easily we are moulded to conduct the energy of the wanton masses, to become the followers of idealism and greed. How simple has mankind become to allow his future to be dictated to him by his lust and desires. Humankind has evolved to be civilized, yet the essence of the word itself is determined by man. How are we to determine what our true destiny is if our lives become circumstantial at the hands of our actions. Actions which are controlled influences, those influences that are absorbed through our daily lives. We think therefore we are. The statement rings true to determine your level of existence, but thinking may not be your own thought. It may be a thought that materializes as a result of your life influences.

Let’s put this into perspective for a moment. As you read this you are in a stage of subconscious thinking of whether or not your thoughts are your own. This is only because I have told you that perhaps they are not. In other words, we started a process of thought and your brain continued it. Our minds are programmed to calculate and evaluate the thought. When doing this our instincts kick in to understand the thought. This is our normal brain working as it should. It is amazing to think the amount of calculating your brain does when only looking at a sunset. Is it not possible that in your every day life, simple things like television and radio, the newspaper and billboards, are not encouraging a path of thought and therefore controlling the thought process for you? Does the mind process this far too quickly for you to give it any “thought” as to where that thought came from or why you are thinking that? It could be our mental ability to process thought so quickly that may be to our detriment. Maybe there is truth in the words, “Give it a second thought,” simply because our first thought may not be the most rational or logical, but rather the one that is the most influenced when that thought is being conducted to you.

I just wanted to give you something to think about.


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