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The Company has a Logo

Updated on November 25, 2012


My niece captured me
My niece captured me | Source

The First Thing

If you plan to open a business, find a logo which will reflect your company. Mine is personalized for me. I am fortunate to have a graphic artist in the family. She does beautiful work. I gave her the company name and asked if she could draw lilacs.

For anyone one who has known me for any length of time, the name of the company is no surprise. Twenty-some odd years ago a dear, cousin gave me the nickname, Lady Rebecka, Duchess of Lilac. It came about because I live in an old farmhouse surrounded on the south side by lilacs. I answer to Lady Rebecka, Lady R, Duchess, or the entire nickname. I have things monogrammed with Duchess. My license plate on my car is personalized. In my fantasy life I am the Duchess of Lilac. (Some day I may even let her write a book).

The logo pictured here will be on all books put out by my company. It will be on my letterhead, all contracts, business cards and I will even set up a website and social media for it. We will be doing break-through marketing later this month. For now I am testing out the logo here.

Getting Things in Order

I already had a sale tax license in my state. The next step was to go to the court house and file a DBA=Doing Business As. It cost me $10. Not a big fee for starting a business. With that in hand I was able to take a copy of my DBA to my bank and set up a checking account. I had money in an account I was using for my book sales. That money was transferred to the new account. I am now able to write checks as Lilac Publishing. All royalties can be directly deposited into that account. As a business I am good to go.

I used part of my pay from teaching at the University to get the book set up started. I have sent information on to my set-up company. Their staff is working on a book cover and some preliminary things. As I get the final edits done on the book I will be sending it to them and they will work their magic on the set-up. Their goal is to make it error free and to set the ebooks so they are the same experience as the print version. I am excited. They will have my logo in their inbox on Monday morning. I am waiting for their reaction.

The Book Itself

I have sent out ARCs=Advance Reader Copies. The first review has come in. I was thrilled as she also gave me some grammar fixes. I love when my readers can do this. I had a second reader contact me last night, she'd found a major discrepancy. I'm glad she did. The book had been edited once and no one else had found it. I have since fixed it.

I am taking a clean copy of my ARC and going through with my blue marker to make changes. I've already gone through the whole book once. At which time I removed the word "that" one hundred sixty-seven times. I also added some information and deleted some unnecessary information. The first three chapters have been edited a second time, as I wanted as clean and clear a copy as I could have for the company I am working with.

I am the type of person who will edit up to the absolute last minute if I am allowed. I will not be allowed to do so in this case. I have to be certain when I send the entire book off this is the copy I can live with. There will be no changes once it is sent for typesetting. Never take your work for granted. Make is sparkle, make it shine.


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