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The Crowning Event

Updated on May 7, 2014

You Get the Announcement

You've won an award
You've won an award

Entering a Contest

In October my design company for my books told its authors about a contest through Turning the Pages Books. They were choosing the book of the year and then books in several categories. I believe there were 75 winners in all.

Reluctantly I entered my mystery novel, Crossing the Line. While I am proud of the novel, I am not sure it is my best work. It is good. It has received good reviews. As an author I am my own worst critic.

When the voting opened I voted for myself and for others who have their books designed with my designer. I sent out an announcement on Facebook to tell my friends voting was open. I knew a couple people voted for me. I was up for book of the year and mystery book of the year. No big deal. I had a one in four chance in the mystery category.

The Announcement

On December 30, 2013 I was invited to Turning Pages Facebook page. I went to see what it was all about. They were announcing one by one the winners of the contest. Slowly I went through each category congratulating author friends who had won.

Then it came to Mystery Book of the Year. I held my breath and clicked the link. I looked at the winnner and pinched my arm. I'd won.

How did that happen? How I had I won over three other authors? Then I read the announcement again. I really won. I was no longer holding my breath..

At this point, I had to make some phone calls. I copied the announcement and posted it everywhere I could think to put it. I called my daughter, then my mom, and texted my adopted daughter.

My adopted daughter and I will be going to Orlando, Florida in the spring for the awards ceremony and one day book signing. I am still a bit speechless. I am absolutely humbled.

This is something I have worked for, but never dreamed possible. Will I enter more books in contests? Oh yes. Will I cry when I don't win? Maybe. Will I react any differently if I do win? I can only hope I will do it with grace.

In the End

Anyone who writes is their own worst critic. It won't matter what the reviews say. You will know which books are your best and which could have been better. Never sell your talents short.

Enter the contests, especially when they are free. Enter with confidence. Get reviews to help you.

But always, always keep writing.


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    • Duchessoflilac1 profile image

      Rebecka Vigus 4 years ago from Johns Island, SC

      Thank you, Ghaelach,

      I am looking forward to Orlando. Not been there since my daughter was small.

      I plan to keep writing. Even though this was a success.

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Good morning Rebecka.

      First, I have to congratulate you on winning first place in this Mystery Book of the Year competition. Well done.

      Second, I hope you enjoy your trip to Orlando in the spring.

      As they say "If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

      LOL Ghaelach

      Europe 11:30am