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The Day of Apocalypse

Updated on December 21, 2012

21 December

3 days to go for apocalypse and I see people humming around with excitement. I see wines, shirts, dishes and even holidays packages on the name of apocalypse. Yesterday I learnt that the air-fares will be 70% higher than usual on 21st. I wonder whether it is a kind of festival we are preparing ourselves for or a dooms day.

The prophecies of dooms day has always been famous and well received. All the predictions on our destruction were able to raise the level of our adrenaline whether it is the famous writer Hal Lindsey (became famous after he wrote The Late, Planet Earth), the Jupiter Effect of 1982, Nostradamus (2009), the Large Hadron Collider (2008) or Maya (2012). All of them got equal popularity and undivided attention.

What if this time the dooms day turns out to be a reality? I know that we all are the brightest species living on the earth and hence by now we must have discovered our own ways to survive. The people who have not prepared for the dooms day or are running late in preparation should not think that they are no longer intelligent but they should think that they are brighter because will strike out a masterpiece after hearing all the ideas. But anyways, if any of you are lacking on this I have written some of the common ideas for survival.

- First and most important thing- don’t be even near to New york. An alien evasion, Tsunami or any other thing which triggers or spreads apocalypse, hits New York for sure.

-Collect all noodles or packed food you can afford. Processed food can be a good idea.

- Do not forget to carry ‘lighter’ to make fire.

- Collect as many books you can, not for the knowledge of course. Remember ‘Day After Tomorrow’. The books are always useful.

-Prepare your house’s basements. Please for god sake, throw all the useless junk from basement and make it a place where you can stay for at least a month.

-Keep a rifle with you. You cannot ignore the maniacs running through the streets and looting everything. It can even save you from wolves and other animals. Not to forget that post apocalypse the civilized world and the jungles will be mixed.

-Please come out of your laptops, i-phones and tablets. Learn how to operate a radio. Remember in all the apocalypses the only thing which works is radio. And for heaven’s sake keep some spare batteries. Otherwise you may miss the New Year party plan.

-Being on air can be a good idea but as the air fares for that day has been increased, be on earth. It is better to die on earth instead of dyeing by heart attack (which may occur when you will hear new rates).

-Keep your dogs with you. They are good buddies and can be helpful in hostile environment. It is always better to sacrifice a dog in place of a human.

-And at last but not the least, learn Chinese. You don’t want to be in situation where a ship is passing by made by China men and you fail to communicate with them. Imagine a ship passing by and you are craving to get pulled up, but all you manage to say is ‘Ni Hao!’(How are you) because that’s the only thing which you learn from a Kung-Fu movie.

I think and believe that these things may save us from disasters. And if you are not willing to get saved at all then it is your call. Happy living.


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      Arpita Gupta 4 years ago