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The Day the World Stood Still

Updated on May 10, 2013


My heart my heart, how it cries out as it begins to break! Amid the wreckage, my eyes stare gasping in awe of the horror and despair.

My spirit aches, I weaken as mine tears fill to overflow, my trembling body screams in terror and torment, I entwine with the somber hearts of millions while I listen to the torturous anguish cries, that echo thousands of souls.

Our country linked by its shared sorrow weeps endlessly,

America the Beautiful, What dreams have been broken?

Can hope still burn eternal in our souls?

As our nation mourns, may the light and love of God unite us and keep us safe. May love and humanness conquer the loathing and venom that fills the bowels of too many.

We pray to the heavens seeking comfort and hope, as we struggle to understand. May forgiveness be our gift from God.

The innocence of a nation lives forever in the past, as our land remains tattered and torn but not left in ruin. May our shared misery strengthen and unite our people and our land.

As a nation may we survive and courageously endure; forceful and determined to re-build and to LIVE!


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