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The Discovery Of True "Love"

Updated on April 18, 2016

The quality of true love is within you and me and all the people around us. This quality is invisible but it is this quality which makes the person visible even in there absence. Love is "pure" when it is able "cure" a wounded heart because the best compliment of love is love itself. Love is something which empowers two ideal hearts. Love is viewed at different agenda in different ages of the life. When asked what is love to a 6 years old- The kid replied "Love is when my tommy (dog) rushes to lick me on returning home from school".
When asked what is love to a 12 years old - The 12 years old replied " Love is when my dada forgives my mistakes and advises me not to repeat it again with a kiss on my forehead".
When askes what is love to a 18 years old - The 18 years old replied"Love is when my friend avoided his favourite dish for the reason that I am allergic to it".
When asked what is love to a 24 years old - The 24 years old replied" Love is when my husband kissed me on my forehead when I was to labour" and said " dont forget you are my first child".
Thus the agenda of love in different age's is simple and special,on the controvercy love is the only quality which encloses all the other quality. So to know the meaning of love one should fell the joy of this irrestiable feeling. So start discovering the love in you, to enjoy the most tastiest essence of life. So always love to love...............

Pavithra Nandakumar
(Pace peace)

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