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The Dreamer's Dream: Power of a Zombiac

Updated on March 27, 2014

Dream Intro

A series of recorded dreams for self-study of dreams and entertainment purposes and with the hopes of learning something new of myself. These dreams are often wild and fantastical.

This first recorded dream takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a strange disease that has a strange impact on my own being.

Power of a Zombiac

Start of Dream

I surveyed the large group before me, standing just outside the laboratory where I conducted much of my experiments. The sky overhead was charred and crackled. A red mist hung in the air. Even the sun had turned colder, yet it did not snow and rain was rare.

The crowd was hostile toward me. If they knew the nature of the experiments they may have killed me then and there. Luckily they were not privy to such information. No, the reason for the gathering dealt with a once settled debate; a rather silly debate in my mind. But in these times when death could be around any corner, even the small matters were taken with extreme seriousness.

I was attempting to dispel a myth about certain creatures that had taken residence over much of the planet. Purportedly using dead bodies as their puppets. No one knows how it happened, but it happened quickly. The catastrophic disease that turned both the living and dead into violent fleshing-gnashing maniacs. It ravaging not only human bodies, but the very earth herself.

Not even the soil or air was safe from the contamination; turning our blue sky to red, killing off vegetation, dimming the sun and even causing water to evaporate with great speed. Often faster than it could fall back to the ground as rain. I studied the phenomenon of the disease for some time and performed many experiments on myself.

I worked on creating specialized and genetically enhanced antibodies laced with proteins from the very viral infection that threatened us now. I had done several injections into my own body and the results had so far been positive, protecting me any form of infection, even bites.

Anyways, back to the myth. The myth was that these creatures we called zombies or gnashers had succumb to petrification or decay. So much so that they could not bend down or move very fast. I argued that I had recently witnessed one such creature climb out from under a vehicle and charge me with unrealistic speed.

"Please!" I called out to them, "Hear me! I have researched these gnashers and discovered that they are being constantly pumped with an adrenaline rush giving them such strength that they can thrust themselves forward with ungodly speed!"

The crowd began to yell vulgarities at me and I was suddenly grabbed and pulled into the crowd being pushed and pulled about. I could hardly blame them though. It may seem such a small matter, but every kind of defense and knowledge we have against them is crucial to survival. I was attempting to destabilize one of these securities.

Suddenly the crowd began to shout in unison, calling for my removal from the encampment. The local security, equally angered, agreed to cast me out but only temporarily. I was handed a camera that was already set to record and instructed to never turn it off. I was to document evidence for my claims and return or they would find the camera at a later date.

I was shoved through the makeshift gates out onto a crossing road. I was very familiar with the road having lived just a few miles from it before the whole out break took place. I started out in a brisk pace and while I kept my camera, I decided to abandon the project and run for a known stronghold just four miles southeast. It was a military camp that refused civilians, at first. However, word had come in that they were taking in anyone unaffected by the viral agent. Maybe I could convince them to let me in too.

I had turned onto an intersecting road, the heavily fenced in fortress well within view when I noticed a lot of movement in the surrounding woods. I dropped to the pavement and crawled under an abandoned car to hide. Nothing exited the woods or seemed interested in me, but whatever caused the movement was either massive or large in number. I let out a quiet sigh when suddenly I felt a heavy and heated breath on my left ear. I turned to see one of the creatures giving me a large toothy grin.

Despite their undeadness, they showed a grisly sense of humor and surprising intellect. There had even been studies done on some who had retained some speech pattern, recognized their loved ones and could even restrain themselves from attacking. Yet they could not resolve to do the same for perfectly good strangers. This one however, just an inch from me had no intent on sparing me, his eyes wild with hunger.

I let out a small yelp and rolled from under the car and started to run, dropping the camera. As I did I turned to see the gnasher repeat my very movement from under the vehicle and start his charge after me. He was exceedingly fast, but I somehow stayed ahead of him. To my surprise I suffered zero fatigue.

Suddenly I turned my gaze back to before me and found myself nearing the fenced parameter of the small fortress. The barbed fences were fifty feet tall, but the door was free of any barbs and was a mere fifteen feet tall. I could climb that before the gnasher reached me and hopefully the armed guards would ask questions first and shoot later.

As I neared the door I leapt into the air and found myself grabbing the top of the door and rotating over the top bounding into the fortress. I did not have time to revel in this great feat as I was suddenly riddled with bullets before hitting the ground. I was rolled over and I looked up into the cold eyes of a militant who stared me down until blackness took over everything.

It was complete emptiness. Nothing. A void of immenseness. Blacker than the starless sky. Was my eyes closed in unconsciousness? No. I ruled that out and quickly realized I was dead and yet still conscious of my own existence. Suddenly light came rushing down and I found myself staring out of a large metal tub. I could not move, nor feel any part of myself. Yet I was completely aware of everything in a third person perspective. I could see and feel everything around me in stunning detail; it was a taste of omnipotence.

Then I saw myself in the metal tub. I was a greyish and viscous liquid with hollowed out holes for eyes and a mouth. A guard stood over me with a gun, and donned in jungle-green camouflage and cool shades.

"Hey, what happened to me?" I asked sternly.

The guard seemed stunned at first but answered my question, summarizing my transitional phase into liquid, "You died, filled with twenty-plus bullets. Then you came back to life and began to liquefy and so we put you here in this metal bucket to hold you. Even as you are now we can pick up a heartbeat and brain activity. Some scientist is coming here to check you out."

At that moment I suddenly became aware that they were in fact housing civilians but the civilians were in constant fear. The military compound was performing horrific experiments on their subjects, probably trying to find something similar to my discovery. Which was no doubt responsible for my current state of being.

My extended reach was now and suddenly greater. I found myself able to manipulate my own body matter and found the same connection with everything around me. I noticed it was raining fiercely outside, but the dried-out ground could not soak it up fast enough and a flood ensued. The fortress was prepared though, having erected a powerful force field that held the water at bay.

I then decided I had to get out of the fortress before the scientist arrived. So I picked a fight with the guard. I did not hold back a single insult or vulgarity and as he threatened to toss my liquid remains into the water (thinking it would somehow kill me) I pushed on. He hoisted the entire tub and in one sweeping motion I was splashed through the one-way force field and into the flood waters.

I had escaped, but there was something more. I could feel everything in the water. Every molecule, every atom. Some zombie corpses had even washed up against the fencing, bloated with torn skin and flesh dripping off their face. I was empowered as I realized nothing was outside my range of abilities.

I broke my body down into atoms and easily passed through the force field and collected back into my human state on the other side. Soldiers immediately scrambled about, firearms poised to shoot. I tried to reason with them, but knew it would do nothing. I decided to take all of their weapons away. So I did just that, disarming every officer within the parameter.

I felt emboldened as I shouted, "I know what you are doing to your hostages and you will let them go. We will leave this place and I will take them to a safer place. I will protect them."

A woman in a white lab coat stepped forward, wearing large square glasses that oddly added to her nerd-like beauty. She too tried to reason with me and I could sense that she could be persuaded, but the soldiers were not swayed. I decided to show them a taste of my power and brought in one of the dead gnashers, breaking it down to the atomic level and reforming it next to me.

The creatures terrifying appearance even had my heart racing with fear. I then reanimated the dead body and sent it after one of the soldiers. It grabbed a hold of him and bit down, its' flesh so rotted that most of its' teeth broke loose. Even so, it was still able to rip a solid chunk out of the soldier. As my gross pet feasted on its' meal I lifted everybody within the vicinity into the air. With my new found power I opened two large cargo doors in the ground that led to a massive underground housing facility. I gently placed each and every one of them, other than the dead soldier and my gnasher, into the cargo hold.

I then took hundreds of thousands of gallons of water outside the force field and broke it down, bringing it through. Just as I did to myself and the reanimated corpse. I brought the waters menacingly over the entire crowd within the cargo-hold and floated myself onto a large tractor nearby. From my perch I stated my demands once more. The soldiers refused in one voice, but the female scientist spoke out, saying she would help me if it meant saving everyone's life.

I turned the water into a mist and she opened the secret doors to the underground housing and released all of their civilian hostages. I then expelled the flood waters and tore down the force field. Like a happy ending we all made way out of the fortress. Despite the death of the one soldier, I felt good about saving the hundreds of innocent lives from the unspeakable experiments they were being subjected to.

End of Dream.

Dream Aftermath

The dream excited me in a lot of ways. The sense of power and ability stayed with me, even now.

Though this dream was not a lucid dream of any kind it did prompt me to study lucid dreams. I plan on using this as a means to record my dreams and hope others find entertainment out of it. In the event I did not have a memorable dream I will likely write something from my past dreams.

Please comment below, and share if you liked it.

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