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Children's Nonsense Poem

Updated on January 30, 2015

Toy Horses (the nearest to Muddlehorses)

Of course, Muddlehorses don't look like this. But this is the nearest I could get to the idea in the poem.
Of course, Muddlehorses don't look like this. But this is the nearest I could get to the idea in the poem.
Nonsense Poems
Nonsense Poems

Who can forget Edward Lear, the pioneer of nonsense poetry? Classic nonsense verse.


Nonsense Poem

If I were a Muddlehorse

If I were a Muddlehorse
With a black mane,
I'd be running on a race course
With horses from Spain,

And all those Spanish horses
Would be running like the wind;
But you cannot beat a Muddlehorse
And I left them all behind.

Muddlehorses come in sizes
Six to eleven,
The smallest ones win all the prizes
They run sixty miles in seven

(Minutes, of course.) A Muddlehorse
Can live on grass, but most-
Ly he likes cabbages and candy-floss
And Muddle-made toast.

Muddlehorses race on the sea;
In the forests of Germany
They are found
Meditating on the nature of movement underground.

© Tan Pratonix

This is what you would call a fun poem. Funny poems (or nonsense verses) are humorous, absurd and whimsical poems, apparently having no meaning and yet making a lot of sense in their own way.

An Explanation

After some years I get this notice from Hubpages saying: "Your Hub is currently published. However, it has a large number of Amazon or eBay products listed in comparison to the amount of text. Our policy has changed to require 100 words of original text for every product featured in a Hub. If you edit this Hub without bringing it into compliance with our new policy, it may be moderated as overly promotional."

I put up the pics, just to illustrate my poem. Maybe I ought to have trimmed them, and just got them added as my own pics. But being honest, I didn't do that. Now, according to Hubpages I am 'promoting' Amazon and eBay products! How on earth could I do that?

I notice there are four pictures put up to illustrate my poem, so I have to write 400 words (original stuff) to compensate. Hmmm.... Do I have to explain why I wrote this poem? Do I have to explain why I called this poem "Muddlehorses"? Do people understand the meaning of the word 'whimsical'? Is Hubpages slowly getting stultified and petrified with technical restrictions?

It is tragic that genuine literature has to be subjected to the 'whims and fancies' of brains that are largely unimaginative and unpoetic. I know that this Explanation does not 'explain' anything about the poem. But I am not going to get the poem down to dull, prosaic levels by giving you the background behind it. Let the poem remain a mystery. (Just as lots of Lear's poems were!)



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    • Pratonix profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Asia

      It was written in my teens. There are three sections in the poem and each has a different rhythm. The first section has a regular beat, the second has a slight variation, and the third is 'off-beat'. The rhyming also changes in the last section.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      Sweet and the muddlehorses remind me of a stuffed gingham giraffe my mother made for me when I had my appendix out at age 11. But a lot of the rhyme doesn't or is a big stretch; and that's disturbing when the main apparent reason for the words' selection seems for that purpose.

      I honestly think you've written much better poetry than this one. But if it was one of your teenaage years' poems, it's ok. You asked my opinion, though. So I must either give it or say nothing. I do like your style overall.


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