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A Faithful Cocker Spaniel Named Cassidy - There's So Much More Behind Those Floppy Ears

Updated on November 12, 2016
Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.
Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.

Cassidy - An Aging Dog

Cassidy is a Cocker Spaniel that's getting on in years. She's been in the same home since she was a newborn puppy and has seen a family grow. Two children have shared their lives with her, as well as their beds and hearts. Her only desire everyday when she wakes before everyone in the house is to share in their lives.

Alone in the house, she surveys the premises and makes sure everything is all safe. Cassidy would defend her family to the end. All for the reward of a belly rub, or a scratch behind the ears. Her dedication knows no bounds, nor does her family's love for her. When Mommy or Daddy wakes up, and comes down the stairs, she will be waiting with adoration in her eyes. Cassidy probably isn't much different from most other family dogs out there. She's loves and needs her family without fail.

Just An Awesome Cocker Spaniel - Laying Claim To My Spot

Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.
Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.

A Dog That's More Than Just A Member Of The Family

Since Cassidy was a young dog, she's had a definitive place in the household. She's always laid claim to that canvas covered loveseat in the family room as her own sacred place. All members of the family have curled up with Cassidy countless times in that piece of furniture. In fact, the family couldn't part with it two years ago and had it re-upholstered just because they couldn't imagiine the thought of getting rid of Cassidy's chair. More than just a member of the family, she even had her own furniture.

Over the past twelve years, the family has made many changes to their household to accommodate Cassidy. The back door had to be replace early on to make way for a swinging dog door that can resize as the dog grows up. Cassidy loved this feature as it allowed her access to her favorite place besides her loveseat, the back yard and all it's adventure.

Cassidy Was An Unstoppable Puppy

Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.
Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.

An Awesome Life - Cassidy Joined The Family As A Puppy

Cassidy was brought into this world as a member of a litter that belonged to one of the cousins from across town. Practically from birth she lived in the only household she's ever known. As a puppy, Cassidy was especially attached to two young girls. They played with her incessantly and have no memories where their lovable dog wasn't part of.

Even though she was rambunctious, Cassidy was never a destructive dog. She ran constantly back then, but wouldn't chew or destroy things around the house. Her instincts were very keen and she could tell right from wrong at an early age.

A Cocker Spaniel's Domain - The Backyard Is Where I Rule

Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.
Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.

Cocker Spaniels Live Long, healthy Lives With Plenty of Exercise.

One of the most important aspects of any dog's health prospects is getting a lot of exercise. Having an ample yard for your dog to run and frolic in is optimal, but if you're a city dweller, then definitely make time to walk your dog or take them on frequent trips to the park. it's also a great idea to explore dog walking services. This is a great way to contribute to the local economy and independent business owners, but also get your dog a workout at the same time.

The adverse health risks related to improper exercise can be:

  • Heart problems
  • Kidney failure
  • Joint pain
  • Improper digestion
  • Eye and ear problems
  • Allergies
  • Auto Immune Diseases.

Cassidy is a very fortunate dog as she has free access to her backyard and the ability to get outside for regular exercise. She's just over twelve years young and shows no sign of letting up just yet. She gets constant love and affection. She plans on seeing her girls through the remainder of their school years hopefully. The family is considering a new Cocker Spaniel puppy though. A perfect chance for Cassidy to be a mentor to a new pup.

Age 4 - Sitting On A Stump

Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.
Created By The Author Using Photoshop with a Pencil Sketch Render.


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    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 

      2 years ago from Central Virginia

      My first dog as a child was a Cocker and they are amazing dogs. You brought a ton of memories back for me in this piece. Your Cassidy is so beautiful and a lucky dog to be so loved. Really enjoyed your hub.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      The first dog I ever had was a Cocker...still remember her name...Pal. Thanks for the memories.


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