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The Glue

Updated on November 29, 2014

Searching for help an answer the key

It seems to be of little importance - who is me

I am no longer the same as I was before

Part of me is lost never seen never more

The pieces of me people think they see

Mask a man drowning in a darkened sea

Desperation hopelessness futility despair

Struggling every day trying to care

I regale those who would help through stories filled

With the unreal poison in the cupboard the contents spilled

Mouths agape their pens sit still

Your mind is broken all you need is a pill

The corners of my mouth curl up a smile is faked

Trying to hide how my heart just sank

A slow breath and a sigh as I sit back in my chair

I dry my eyes with my sleeve once again to no avail

Same time next week they say to me

This is exciting things look good

I am happy for you doc

I would like to be happy for me if I could

Determination in life lost

Only on the road am I willing to pay the cost

The sun beats down sweat pours out muscles strain

During these miles I feel no pain

So I climb on my bike and stare into the sky

The only thing I understand is the purity of my ride

The clouds speak to me as only they can

I am not crazy just a broken man

There are times I am where I am not

And in times like these there is peace in my heart

Calmness of mind a soul full of laughter

There is no concern for what comes after

I Love to LOVE

I Love to dream

They are the only glue that holds together what is me


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      "I Love to LOVE

      I Love to dream

      They are the only glue that holds together what is me"

      Loving and dreaming is good for the soul. Hopefully you can add laughter and fun to your list someday soon. In the meantime it sounds as though your bike riding is a type of salve. Keep pedaling!