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The Great Gatsby - commentary

Updated on October 28, 2019

As the trick of the one girl who saw them meet

It wasn’t under the tree of giving rocks to the head

It wasn’t the work of god’s angel instead

What took them in was the administered

Into the art that was living standard minister

A final sought after lone wolf that could be sinister

You knew what I said in the car look at my tire tread

It could be the fact that life isn’t cool hearted snakes

Snacking on rattlesnake is a deadly habit too weird bet

It was as if the calmness of the lake took him to cow bells

It was the Loch Ness monster on his hells of dream world

Look in the calm swirls of the ocean to find the pearls

Chuck, Chuck , Chuck was all I heard

Then came a furious roar of a thunderous mundane thread of yarn

It was the curious roadster held in the barn

What did they do to mention his name synonymous with Tom Sawyer

All could be fought after the war was over

It could be the best of the best in terms of sins in the foyer

Time was ticking to get the blast of me in dover

It was a cold winter and what let the bird in haywire was sickening

It could have known what was the interest of damn frolicking

It was the cave man who told them about the cool curry floating

Beneath waters edge

Time to see the going going gone tradition of playing telephone man

It is time to reason why the girl let him in on the call towards pits

A apricot season opposed to a camel jockey leading the pack

Dogs of war, dogs of war they said in conjunction with packing lead

All of the monkeys brains were placed in a hole in the table

And shattered their inner monkeys it was a favor to a saint

The sinner took pride in the world of finding the paint to cover

It was she who knew them to be lovers

What felt as a pewter amulet was into the realms of alien thought

It was the good vibrations under his feet that led them down to feed

The volcanoes that blundered the Mississippi river for catfish

It could be all they could relish

In fact it was the faith of the reckoning of blue horizons

The endless days of heat in the work of knowing the cool nights

It was afterall the dead of summer squash

Not playing tennis anyone?

He wasn’t the god in the name of few trails that could be happy

It was the worst delivery that told them to not be sappy


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