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The Gypsies and The Other Realm-Chapter 11

Updated on May 7, 2022
Sherrye Barrow profile image

Sherrye has always enjoyed stories about gypsies, pixies,fairies and a variety of folklore characters.Research was key to this project.

Chapter 11

Faerie Hut

The gypsy tribe continued on with their journey to West Yorkshire. The procession only stopped briefly late at night for rest, and left before day break.

Mariska, Violet, and the children spent their long days building. Selena and Jupiter, a faerie hut, out of the materials they had gathered at the lake, while they traveled . The faerie hut was turning out to be quite amazing, the ground floor was the living room, and had a small kitchen, and dining area.

Mariska and Violet constructed the frame and built the outer walls with sticks, vines, mud, rocks, and leaves. The other children, had fun crafting petite furniture out of sticks, vines, and cloth. They made a sofa, lounge chair, dining table dining chairs and end tables. They all contributed at making tiny clay plates and vessels for drinking out of clay. The second floor was the bedroom. The mattress was made of straw and a dainty piece of cloth was put over the top, and Livia had knitted a nice wool blanket for a cover, and had sewn some cotton inside cloth for pillows. The mattress sat on a wood stick, frame close to the floor. Selena and Jupiter, liked to snuggle together to sleep, so there really was no need for a stable.

The windows were large for easy entry and exit and the girls, had made small cloth curtains tied to sticks to hang over the windows for privacy.

They constructed, a patio deck on top of the faerie hut, as the roof.Selena, and Jupiter, would be able to fly in and safely land on the deck. Selena, could sit on her patio furniture and let Jupiter stay by her side. They built a little stall out of sticks and put straw inside, for Jupiter to lay on. They also found two small tin cups in the kitchen, one for water and one for feed. They decorated the entire deck with flowers and foliage, to attract the butterflies and dragonflies, Selena, so loved.

The faerie hut was placed under, Mariskas , bunk, until Selena and Jupiter, found a more permanent place to homestead. Secretly, they all hoped that they would return home with them and live close to Kirk,Yentworth.

Selena, so loved her new home! She sprinkled magical fairy dust all over them …to give them all good luck for the rest of their lives. Even ,Jupiter flew around licking everyone on the face, at his excitement before he settled down to eating, drinking, and laying down in his stall on the upper patio deck.

Selena, walked around her new home and used her magic wand to give it her personal touch. When the children were allowed to look inside, it was magical, she had a glittering floor, and rainbow colored twinkling lights,everywhere.Selena, had also placed shiny baubles and trinkets on her tables and night stand.

Occasionally, Viktoria would peek through the front curtain to watch the children, building their, faerie project. Livia ,saw her peeking through the front curtain once and, Viktoria, gave her a secret all -knowing wink like mothers sometimes do.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, were brief with little conversation, for the next few days, as Valentino, wanted to reach West Yorkshire swiftly. Viktoria, traded off between sitting on the bench with Valentino, and riding in other vardo, with her friends.

Viktoria, and her friends, were sewing a handsome wedding suit for Brutus and constructing corsages and baskets as food and flower offerings for the bride to be. They were also, sewing on embroidered lace with sequins and pearls to accessorize, wedding gowns and veils, they had made for Violet, and Mariska.

Valentino, grinned at the thought of Brutus, marrying into such a fine family, and had arranged for a new vardo, to be built for the newlyweds. He had secretly paid a gypsy friend , he trusted to transport it with two of his best, tinks, to West Yorkshire, a few weeks ago.This way the bride’s family could decorate the interior and set it up with needful things. for the couple. He hoped that Brutus and his new bride would be a good fit. He was confident that Stefan had been the right choice for Mariska, he had noticed the two of them, becoming more familiar with one another this past week.

Violet seemed really excited at the prospect of getting married to Raj, when they arrived in, Scheffield, for market. It was decided that they would be marrying, after market.

Mariska seemed content at listening to Violet plan her wedding and they practiced new hairstyles on one another and tried on different colors of lipsticks, and eye color, when the twins napped.

Livia, helped Mariska ,and Violet, make some perfume scents out of the flowers and herbs they had gathered recently, they used water,and glycerine ,to preserve the potpourri mix, and put the concoction into small glass medicine bottles. They plugged the bottles with old cork pieces from the empty broken,clay wine vessels, covered the top with pretty pieces of lace, and tied little decorative ribbons around the necks of the bottles. The girls would be offering these, to the women in Brutus’s new family and some would be sold at market.

Selena, had the girls place her new home that night, out under the moonlight, before they went to bed. After everyone was asleep she waved her wand and magically all of her faerie friends from the other realm appeared with housewarming presents, food and drink. They circled around the new faerie hut and did faerie dances all night long.

Livia, awoke during the night, and wandered out to the faerie ring. She watched all the little faeries dance and frolic for a long time, she was about to step into the ring to join them, when, a large hand reached out and grabbed the collar of her nightgown, and pulled her away.

Valentino, looked at her with wisdom in his eyes, and told her gently to never step inside of a faerie ring as she would become one of them and be swooped up into the," other realm," before she even realized what was happening. Livia, hugged her daddy and walked back to the caravan with him hand in hand, he quietly tucked her into her bunk, kissed her on the forehead, and told her he didn’t want to lose her to her faerie friends, it would break his heart, but he knew that the stories were real and they put people in a daze with their music to draw them in. This concerned Valentino, but he never let on to Viktoria, or the other children that he already knew about their new faerie friend, and she might be trying to befriend them, so she could seduce them into joining " the land of the fae,"in the middle kingdom .

When Valentino awoke just before daybreak, the ring of faeries were gone, and he peeked inside to see the little pixie faerie and her pony were sound asleep snuggled in their bed. Valentino gently lifted up the faerie hut, took it back to the caravan and quietly placed the faerie hut under Mariskas, bunk, where he had noticed the children had hidden it before. A little tiny voice said, groggily,” thank you, I won’t hurt your children, they are fabulous.” Valentino, smiled with the reassurance, that this was a good little faerie and meant no harm.” You are welcome,” he replied. Selena, smiled at his words, and fell back to sleep.

Valentino , woke Viktoria, to pack them a basket of food, and he went out to feed and water, the tinks, before harnessing them back up to the caravan. The tribe, would reach West Yorkshire late this afternoon, he calculated.

Valentino, felt a little gnat or some bug flying around his ear, and reached up to swat it away, when he heard a little voice, scream “Hey!”. A minute human boy, with wings fluttered in front of his face, The faerie boy told Valentino, “that was a nice thing you done.” for his friend, Selena. Valentino, stumbled over his words, and replied, ”your welcome, I think…and you are?””I am Chip, Selena's, good friend, I am the horse faerie, I have been following you since Kirk,Yentworth, I live in your stable…did you know that? I tend to the horses and ponies at night.” ”Why no, I did not know that,” Valentino replied.””I have been traveling with Bavaro’s vardo, see you around.” Chip the faerie then flew away.

So there are two faeries with us on this trip, Valentino, thought quizzically. The horses were done eating, it was time to hitch them up and go, and Viktoria, had appeared on the bench with the basket of food.

Viktoria, had noticed that, Valentino, seemed a little out of sorts this morning, he appeared to be deep in thought, almost daydreaming, “is everything all right?” she asked, when he climbed onto the drivers side of the bench and picked up the reins. He answered her dumbfoundedly, “yeah everything is just fine.” He commanded, the tinks, to attention and they marched forward, He hadn’t even checked if the procession was ready to go, Viktoria, thought. The gypsy pony scouts raced by the caravan, and looked at Valentino, perplexed at his behavior, as they passed by. He had not whistled to get the wagon train going this morning.


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