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The Gypsies and the Moon Faerie-Chapter 7

Updated on August 17, 2017

Chapter 7

Saved By A Dragon

Victoria, was restless tonight, without Valentino, by her side in the bunk. Valentino, had opted to stay up all night with Bavaro, Victor, Brutus, Oberon, Stefan, Raj and the other tribesmen,to help finish gutting, skinning, and quartering the wildlife the hunting party, had killed. The tribe had decided to stay another day at the lake to stretch and tan hides, and let them dry. They also wanted to smoke most of the meat to store, for food later on, should they need it.

The wolves were howling, somewhere in the distance, when Victoria had decided to turn in. Their wailing was eerie, and caused an uneasiness in the pit of, Viktoria’s stomach. She woke up several times during the night, and listened to the wind carrying the men’s voices, while they worked, to the far ends of the camp. It was comforting, for her to hear them, and then she would drift back into a light sleep.

At midnight, she woke up to the sound of a low, groveling growl, under the caravan, and then the whimpering of a another dog, that had landed wrong when it jumped onto the back porch of the caravan, she knew how easily a wolf could get in through the front curtain, if they were able to get up onto the front bench.

She noticed, an unusual stillness in the night, the wind had quit blowing, and she could no longer hear, the voices of the men working. Viktoria, cautiously got out of her bunk and, peered out the window into the dark. Pairs of, iridescent eyes, shone in the dark, and the shadows of a pack of many wolves lurked about, outside the caravan. They were moving in, circling and surrounding, the caravan. She began to shake, and tears began to crawl down her cheeks, from fear. She quietly sat down on her bunk, thinking hard, trying to devise a plan should they attack. She chose not to wake any of the children.

Some kind of insect flew through the window, that glowed and had landed on her shoulder She dared not move, to flick it away, as she might upset and alert the wolves outside. A wee voice, whispered in her ear, “hi…I am Selena and I am the Moon Pixie Faerie, and I am riding a pony named Jupiter…I am friends with your daughters and your twin boys…please do not be frightened of me, I am here to help you.” Viktoria, muffled a half crazy laugh, with her hands, she was so scared, she was imagining a faerie, talking to her. Selena and Jupiter flew in front of her face, so she could see them. Just as, Viktoria, noticed them, a wolves, head peeked in through the front curtain, baring its, sharp teeth and, leering at them. Selena, told, Viktoria, “to stay put and don’t move,” she was about to see something scarier than wolves. Jupiter, expanded and developed into a fire breathing dragon, with sharp fangs, wings, long claws, and a speared tail, right before, Viktoria’s eyes.

The wolf winced and stepped back, then Selena, rode Jupiter , out through the front curtain. Viktoria, jumped to the window and watched the pair flying around, the caravan, chasing the pack of wolves away. When the wolves disappeared into the woods, Selena and Jupiter, flew away after them.

Selena and Jupiter,decided to scout the entire camp and surrounding area for any more packs or solitary strays.

Viktoria, plopped down on her bunk in disbelief, at what she had just witnessed, she was sure it was just a bad dream and she just had to wake up. She pinched herself.It hurt. Yep... she was awake.

Valentino, stepped into the caravan through the back door, his eyes wide in amazement! Valentino, exclaimed to Viktoria,”You are never gonna believe what I just saw!” Viktoria, sat on the bunk calmly, and said, ”hmmm… could it have been a faerie riding a dragon?” They both burst out laughing, together, their laughter, waking the children.

Valentino, told the family, his story about the encounter he had just experienced, with a pack of wolves.” The tinks and ponies were making a lot of noise, as well as some of the other livestock, so, Bavaro, and Victor stopped working and went with him, to check up on the animals.

When they arrived at the grazing spot, there was a pack of wolves that had made a circle around the herd of horses, and it looked as if they were about to attack, when out of nowhere a fire breathing dragon, appeared, with one o’ them wee folk a ridin it! The wolves made pace to the forest, lickety split, and the dragon flew after them! We checked, the livestock and none were missing or injured, so I thought I would come and check on you.” Valentino turned to Viktoria,” How did you know about the dragon and the wee one?”

Viktoria, told,” him they had met,” but did not want to frighten him or the children with details, she promised to tell them all the story another time, she winked at the children and encouraged them to go back to bed it would be light in a couple of hours.

Valentino, told the family to very wary, walking through the woods to the lake and make sure, they did not travel alone on the path. He told them to, sing, shout and make a lot of noise, clanging pots and pans, and to be sure to carry long sharp sticks and have rocks in their pockets to throw. Valentino, mentioned that predators, like wolves, bears, and big cats, come in to hunt their prey at lakes, and watering holes, and probably smell the blood, of the dead animals, and the fresh meat from the animals and birds they had hanging in the trees. The predators, might be enticed by the smells, to come into the camp again, foraging for food.

Valentino, then laid down next to his wife on their bunk, to take a short nap, before resuming his chores with the others, before day break.

Selena and Jupiter, flew back to the caravan, after double checking the area for any more dangerous wolves. They took their place in the basket with the pillow, and snuggled together and then fell fast asleep.


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    • Sherrye Barrow profile image

      Sherrye Barrow 2 years ago from Duncan, AZ

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Peter Pagan 2 years ago

      What a cute story!