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The House is Quiet Now

Updated on February 11, 2013

...And the Silence is Deafening

The house is quiet now. I’m used to it, and I like it, alot. That wasn’t the case at first. I used to think that “empty nest” was one of the hokiest phrases I had ever heard. I assumed that when the kids reached adulthood and moved out, that it would be a natural transition, no big deal. I didn’t expect to feel, well kind of empty. Life was different and certain aspects took some getting used to, some good, some bad, and some just different.

There were definitely some benefits of it being just my husband and myself, living in our home, with all of the dogs and cats of course. The first thing I noticed was that the place actually stayed cleaner, that was not only pleasant, I found it to be rather thrilling! Our washer and dryer were not always in motion, and I kind of liked hogging them for myself. Our utility and grocery bills were lower and we could hang out in our underwear if we wanted! I did notice that the phone didn’t ring nearly as much as it did when any of our kids were living at home, that became a loud silence.

Of course the children didn’t grow up, board a spaceship and move to Mars. They were close by, and we all saw each other a lot. But they were not here anymore. They had finally moved out for real. I felt strange and out of kilter for a while, after all I had spent the last 20 + years with these guys. They were my priority in all regards and now they were independent adult individuals living their own lives. I was relieved and happy and… I missed them! My life flashed before my eyes. I saw the good times, the exhausted times, the silly times, I saw it all. I never would have believed that I would have a case of, EMPTY NEST! Fortunately the empty nest feeling was very short lived, intense but brief. Life goes on, a little different perhaps, but still very good .

I found that our relationships with each other improved, they had their own space, I had my own space. That matters. I couldn’t hover as much and the kids liked that tremendously! We started relating on a more adult level, which we all appreciate. We still can drive each other crazy but overall we enjoy each others company more, that is the best difference.

Change is a good thing, it is part of life, although sometimes the transition from old to new can be difficult. I don’t think that “empty nest” is hokey anymore, it is real and definitely not terminal. Besides they might need to come back someday for a little while. Right now the house is quiet, and I am liking it!


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    • pjpitts profile image

      pjpitts 6 years ago from United States

      nybride710, I am glad you enjoyed it. I was thinking about that time the other day and remembering how it felt. I was the same as you, their were days when I wanted them to stay forever and others when the day couldn't come soon enough. Thanks

    • nybride710 profile image

      Lisa Kroulik 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I enjoyed reading this to see what I might experience in a few years. Sometimes I can't wait, other times I dread the thought.