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The Invincible

Updated on October 16, 2014

Long ago,have I forgotten those brisky moves

Still gathering the infinite pieces of my heartiest dream,

Life is indiscernible now.

Was there really an encumberance,

Which led to my intonation?

Or was i a booine destined for the knacker's yard?

Like a knight errant who

wanders in search of adventure

Still considering myself as a blue pearl

The daughter of THE BLUE,

Save me from the disaster.

For what is best for me knows none better than HE.

Life was given to me a like a gallimaufry.

Wanting to gallivantly gallop

Recondite about the efforts in my steps,

I recklessly dreamt to be on the acme

Recommendations moved me not.

On the doom's day

I found myself lying on the ground

With hairs pinned,

Like those of Gulliver's

By the Lilliputs.

The invincible,"will and perseverance" doesn't lay

Answered my Father.

Will alone is a dream......

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© 2014 Pallavi Bharati


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