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The Journey With God

Updated on January 21, 2016
'Pray.Believe.Survive' | Source

When I was overly punished,

When I was undoubtedly destroyed by men,

When I was surprisingly betray by my fellow men,

When I was condemned by them,

When I was shockingly beaten vigorously,

When I was treated unjustly,

When they behaved woefully,

When they behaved bizarrely,

When they behaved astonishingly dull,

When they said something emphatically lies,

When they said repeatedly that they never deny,

All that I nearly give up on the fight.

I cried. I hide. I’m on my knees.

And I’ve asked your light so silently.

Then tons of tears I cried day by day.

For you the King of all things blessed me

Have pity and gave me mercy.

You always knew,

That I’ve always loved you dearly,

And this, I don’t understand my reward.

But I’m gladly will give no harm to others.

Although they’ve wholly hated me as much

I love them all, my Father.

I hold no grudges on them.

I seek no revenge to them.

For you is the emperor,

Only you is indeed the law.

But please tell me what I’ve done

to receive such a reward, for I don’t know.

My Lord and God, most of all my dearest friend,

You’re always there for me to give me hope.

You’re always there for me to help me cope.

And you always have been.

I’ve never regretted and forgotten my past.

For I’m standing like Menhir and strong as the wind.

For I believe your words and take it to my heart.

For I’m blessed by you – the Holy Trinity.

And that I’m a victim of injustice no more.

And that my rights will be recognised.

And that I’ll never be condemned again.

And that I’ll be gracious

And mostly because of that I'll be admired.

Copyright @2013. Lanzskie. All rights reserved.

You Raise Me Up


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