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The Lonely Guard of Central Plaza

Updated on December 8, 2011

I just stand here...this I do with such frustration...all these elves and dwarves...just running past me,
They don't think for just one moment that I don't get paid for standing here...and I'm starving...can't I just have some apple even,
Shooting magic past my head...these magicians don't know what real magic is...but who am I to say this...I'm simply a lonely guard,
Have they no loyalty towards me...they run into next to me..,even wave hello and dance near me...what a bunch of fools.

The other guards...don't even get me started...they think they have it all...all the new ones in the world,
They all walk up to me for questions...oh the quests they need to do..I'm too lazy to do them because I havn't eaten...Skylvrim You know what I mean,
Foolish pride and all the national wars...pandora speaking from one land to the next as if they didn't have a clue,
Pull yourselves together...let Shibofu lead you into battle as a king of kings...the leader of might and influence.

What I wouldn't do for a chance to join the ranks of those tanks...of those warriors that lead the charge into battle,
Instead the kingdom makes me simply stand just be frozen in motion as if a tarantula cast a web in my direction,
I just want to leave my justify my actions that I have proven over the years that have passed by,
The trees of eastern poplar highway know what I'm talking about...let their voices be heard...watching those travelers pass by ever meticulously.

Time passes by without any chance of changing...why must it pass by without my consent,
I want a say in this adventure that gives rise to masters of deception...agility conceivers...magi complexions,
Shibofu...let them know what I'm trying to say...give me money...give the money...we all need money,
Just make your money...give me some name is Neumann...and I am simply your city guard.


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