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A Bike Ride

Updated on October 7, 2011

So it was that I would pedal down the long street, my feet carrying the weight upon a two wheeled instrument that glided like the wind among the clouds. It was as if the silence of the trees and animals around me took a moment to see where I was coming from, heading too, and more importantly, where I could have gone. There was a swift drop in the ground beneath me, a hilly departure from the rocks to gravel to pavement, my two cycled structure now on a high speed chase with the future, sounds of chirping and such all around.

Was it not for a moment that I had to ask myself, where could I go on this fine day, a reality of nature's finest work to date, mental snapshots of the greens, reds, and browns that have begun to form among the forest portrait all around. Then I had to ask, what if we as humans had not colonized this once all-natural inlay, then maybe turtles would have made their home more populous all around me, even crickets could make their time to shine in the sun's rays that brightly hang overhead. It was so peaceful I could hear those animals in the forest saying, but they became quiet as I rode by, what a disruption I could hear them whispering.

I had to move on, the path was leading me elsewhere, to a beach that sat silently behind a line of trees that one could have called Ents. Their branches seemed to hug each other as if they were one big family, and I could have swore one waved goodbye as I passed along the path onto the beach not too far ahead. It was then that I saw them dancing, those fairies and other small creatures among the beach dunes as the waves crashed around them. They were so coordinated with every move they made, graceful swiftness through the breeze, the smell of the salty air wafted along the mystical wind that passed my nose.

What a beautiful day this truly was, past recollections and future destinations shown before my eyes as the little ones in front of me took sight of my presence, and they didn't look any bit afraid. I must admit that I stepped from my bike, and with small steps towards that mysterious beach, there was only question in my mind, what would become of me if I sat within their reach? Without fear of persecution, I walked ever more slightly and after a few moments they parted around my walk, and I sat within them, no fear, no refuting of their existence.

They all smiled as my body touched the sand around me, sitting with my legs crossed, I looked around at the almost thirty or so small beings that continued their dance around me, a couple taking a sit next to me. They didn't speak in my tongue however, but their thoughts I could hear clearly, and they pointed over the horizon as it rose, explaining life as it truly began and spirit and species in relation to each other. I couldn't help but be fascinated by their talks of universal beginnings and the truth of Gaia and all her abilities, from the Alpha of this planet to the Omega of it's vitrifications.

I allowed for almost an hour of simple conversation with these friendly little creatures, their dance's almost entrancing in respect to the calming effects of the tranquil waters and the fragility of the sand and rocks around me. Call it enlightenment, a freedom from realities restrictive tones, they talked of my species early years around what they said was tens of thousands of years ago used to walk freely with them. Although after some time later, humans debased their reality, and the spirits of Gaia took them from our views, to be later shown to us when alone or in great clarity or despair, to redefine us.

What an amazing concept I thought to myself, and so I judged current theories of universal conduct and philosophical refinement for the next minutes that were to pass, and the fairies and small elves simply smiled, and touched my back and sides, great energy passing through. They then could suddenly talk in my language, and it sounded amazing, as if every possible sound wave that they spoke touched on the greatest harmony of vocal orchestration one could imagine. I shed a tear in great respect to their humble beginnings, and more importantly the gratefulness they have with Gaia and all her ultimate powers, energies flowing among the earth like the world's smoothest silk, a testament to time itself.

But Alas they said, it was time for me to go, but that I was meant to do great things in my life, to help humanity as a whole, for destiny to take my where I was needed most, that the pains and suffering that every human lives with is meant for the better good of another. These little fairies said that life is a cycle that one cannot control, but only stand strong among the waves of time itself. I looked at them all as they gave their bows and waves of goodbye, and I watched as their wings spread wide, and with various auras of energy, of blues and greens among others, flew away over the water's edge.

I slowly stood up, and began to cry not of sadness, but of a happiness that maybe this world isn't what we really think it is. As I walked to my bike to continue my ride home, I thought of the world's technology and science, of our inabilities to simply take a walk to explore nature as it was truly intended. I made my way through the various roads of the neighborhoods, the forests around me suddenly different, as if I knew these small creatures knew that maybe I was different, or I really was to make a difference, but then a small group of adults came by on bikes, and suddenly the forest went quiet once again. When will we ever realize...when...?

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Open your creative side, everything can be seen if only for a moment, lol I appreciate the feedback

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

      BakerR - I haven't caught sight of faeries on any of my cycle outings yet, however ... it'd be a very cool thing if I did, lol.

      Loved the hub.

    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Thank you kindly

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Hi BakerRambles

      Magical, enchanting and beautiful. The video made a perfect accompaniment.

      One of the greatest things we can do is help each other.

      Voted up, up and away!