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The Lot Chapter Four

Updated on January 25, 2010

Chapter Four

To read Chapter Three:

Tim was an emotional wreck as he was commuting home. He did not know what to tell Lisa. Not just that he was laid off what was he going to say about Bill leaving Lisa's best friend Peggy. The only thing running through his mind was how much he wanted a drink.

He detoured off his regular route to pass bye one of his old favorite drinking holes. It was called Charlie's and he had spent a lot of his life hanging out there. He did not know how it happened but he was sitting in his car in Charlie's parking lot. After sitting there for a few minutes he said to himself "God give me the strength to avoid temptation"

He got out of the car and headed into Charlie's. It had not changed much in the five years he had been away a few new pool tables but that was about it. He got to the bar and ordered a cranberry and orange and sat on a stool. "Tim is that you oh my Lord I have not seen you in years" said a man approaching Tim dressed in a business suit. Tim looked around and recognized one of his oldest friends during his party days. "Pauly wow it is good to see you how have you been ." Tim said smiling

"I am great Tim I have a great job , the pay is incredible and I have fun doing it." Pauly said laughing "What about you bud you still making them boats."

"For a few more weeks I just found out today that the plant is closing." Tim said " I am not exactly sure where I am going from here."

Pauly said "Bro come work for me I am a sales manager at Drendan Motors and I need salesmen at my Chevy store." Pauly said in a positive tone. "you will make tons of money I promise."

"i don't know if I am cut out for that Paul but thanks for the offer." Tim said finishing his drink."

"Well I have to go Pauly my wife is waiting for me." Tim said reaching out to shake Pauly's hand.

"Thats cool Bro if you change your mind you know where to find me." Pauly said handing Tim a business card.

Tim walked to his car and the urge was nagging at him. "I can't do it Lisa would leave me and then what would I do. Cmon you have too much to lose get in your car and go home." Tim said to himself.

A few more minutes of driving brought him to his driveway. Lisa was sitting on the porch and watching T.J. playing on the swing set. Every time he saw Lisa and T.J. he felt the greatest pride in himself that he ever felt in himself. No matter how much they had to go through he could not imagine doing it without his family. He had been in love with Lisa for so long and the years she was away in college almost killed him. Now they had to figure out what the future held for them.

Tim got out of the car to a running T.J. jumping into his arms "Daddy, Daddy come push me on the swings."

"OK slugger lets go." Tim said glancing at Lisa and blew her a kiss "Hey momma its good to be home." Tim said

"Its good to have you home dad." Lisa said smiling a melancholy smile.

To continue to Chapter Five:


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    • Mit Kroy profile image

      Mit Kroy 

      8 years ago from Georgia,USA

      Looking forward to reading more!


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