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The Magician Within Chapter Two

Updated on July 19, 2013
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source


Tristian set out on his long journey to prove his worthiness of apprenticeship to the wizard Myrin. As he leaves the entrance of the cave that he had earlier entered, he wondered if he was indeed capable of going through with the tasks that have been asked of him. The journey will be long and he must be resourceful and careful of how he travels so not to hinder his trip, for there are thieves that would surely take what little belongings he has upon him.

Tristain chose to travel the creek beds and through the wooded areas so not to be spotted so easily, trying to put as much distance in a day’s walk without bringing too much pain and discomfort to him. After about two hours of walking he begins to think to himself that he only has enough food and water for at least two days and his trip is at least five days long just to get to the mountains.

“What am I going to do?” He asked himself.

“Surely there will be small villages or towns where I may replenish my supplies and rest a while to regain my strength. I know there are some villages that do not take too kindly to strangers passing through for fear of trouble that most surely follows. These places I will have to quickly gather what is needed and move on.”

After the brief pause to think about the situation Tristain begins walking again careful not to draw any attention to him, being as quiet as possible. He makes his way through the dense woods that seem in places that no light is able to shine through to at least show a pathway for him to travel upon.

A screeching sounds startles Tristain from in the darkness of the woods, he tells himself that it’s nothing more than an owl, while holding his breath so not to let out a sound that should prove him wrong. He quickens his pace, walking

As fast and quietly as possible to reach the end of the wooded area.

Finally a light at the edge of the woods shone through, opening up to a field that looks as if it was covered in gold. It was a wheat field; it is tall and swaying with the breeze that makes it look as if gold were shimmering.

As Tristain began to walk into the golden field he heard a small voice from behind him,

“I wouldn't do that.”

Tristain turned to find a young girl standing behind him; pointing at the field,

“Why?” He asked.

She walked up to him and took his hand forcefully and nearly drug him to the edge of the field only to show him it was full of wolf traps. That would surely end his journey if he was to get caught in one of them.

“Thank You.” He said to the young girl.

“You’re not from around these parts, are you?” She looked at him curiously.

“No, I am not. I’m just passing through. My name is Tristain, what is yours?” Tristain waited for her reply.

“My name is Lilah.” She said quietly.

“Well thank you Lilah for your help. You should be heading home I suppose.” Tristain said as he turned to leave.

“I have no home; I’m an orphan and live here in the woods.” Lilah lowered her head. Tristain was in complete shock that such a lovely girl was living in the woods alone. Lilah’s appearance looked nothing of an orphan she was very clean and looked as if she didn't do without much. Her auburn hair was brushed and nearly touched the middle of her back; her eyes were a bright emerald color. Tristain had never seen such beautiful eyes.

Lilah noticed him observing her and spoke quickly to break the trance, “Where are you traveling young sir?”

Tristain thought for a moment if he should discuss such matters with her. “I am heading south to the mountains.”

She was intrigued by such a journey and asked without hesitation, “May I join you on your travels; I would much like to see other parts of this country. I could also be of assistance to you. I can hunt and cook.”

Tristain took this under consideration for he wasn't a very good hunter and his cooking skills were less than eatable, but would she slow him down or even get him into some kind of trouble. He weighed all the pros and cons but in the end he finally agreed to allow her to join his travels on the condition that should she cause any trouble or the journey became too dangerous she would be dismissed from her duties.

Lilah agreed to Tristain’s conditions and grabbed her things and they started their journey together. Lilah was quiet and did not speak unless spoken to which Tristain found sort of strange for the little experience he had with girls they were constant talkers. As they closed the day’s walk the sun was far gone and the moon held high in the sky.

Tristain began to set up camp and Lilah had disappeared into the woods just to the east of their camp when she returned she was carrying two large rabbits. Lilah cooked them in what looked to be a stew. At first it didn't look too appetizing but when it was finished it smelled amazing. Tristain didn't even wait for the food to cool down burning the top of his mouth with each bite. He felt as if he had not eaten in months and it had only been a day.

They cleaned up after themselves so as to not attract any animals and hung all left over food high in the tree they were sleeping under. They laid there quietly watching the stars when Lilah finally spoke. “Tristain, where are we really going?” Tristain felt he owed her the truth and hoped that when he told her she would not decide to leave.

“I am on a trip to prove my worthiness to the great wizard Myrin, I must collect three items and return them to him. Our first destination is the mountains of Armalie.”

Lilah wide eyed and mouth half open spoke as if she hadn't thought of any of the dangers, “We are going to the dragon’s keep? What do you think we will find?” excitement of the adventure was like something just opened her up and words spilled out of her like water from a bucket. Tristain startled by this reaction at first could not help but chuckle a bit. “Sleep now Lilah, we have a long journey upon us and will need as much strength and energy as we can possible get.”

Soon they were fast asleep although Tristain’s dreams brought no comfort as fire and cold burned in his mind. These things he did not understand but without doubt he knew he would soon enough.

The sun began to rise in the east Lilah was already up and moving, the first meal of the day was made and all was packed up and ready to go. She had caught more rabbits and even fish to help keep them from having to hunt again for the day. Tristain was really beginning to believe she was truly a blessing. They quickly ate and began their journey south toward Armalie.

Lilah had gone quiet again not speaking unless she had to. Tristain now began to understand why, she has lived alone for so long and traveling for a young woman was dangerous. Tristain could not help but ask though, “Lilah, how old are you?”

Lilah stopped walking and looked at him in fear that he was going to send her back to the woods where he found her.

“I’m seventeen, sir.”

She was only a year younger than Tristain he was in total amazement. “How long have you been orphaned, if you don’t mind me asking?” Lilah thought for a moment and replied,

“Five summers have passed since my family left me in the woods.” Tristain could not imagine what she had seen in the last five years but he made a promise to himself and then turn to her and made it to her “Lilah, I promise as long as you travel with me I will never abandon you.” She was silent for a moment then looked at him and said,

“I promise to never abandon you as long as you will allow me to travel with you, sir.”

They began walking again only stopping to sleep and hunt for food and collect water from nearby sources. Lilah listened to all Tristain’s stories of his mother and sister and how they are trying to turn him into something that he doesn’t want to be and the few memories he has of his father. But before he could learn much more about her life they were looking at the mountains of Armalie. Tristain watched her face light up like a candle. “Tristain, it’s so beautiful, I could stand right here forever. I have never seen anything like this.” He smiled and began walking toward the base of the mountain.


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    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      5 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      It would be a good idea to provide a link at the bottom of each page that leads to the next chapter. Also provide one at the beginning to the previous segment.

      Interesting story!

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 

      6 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Hello again Milleramanda. Nice tale, but gets confusing when you slip from present to past tense and back again within the same sentence. It makes life more bearable for the reader to know where the break is between the tenses.

      Sorry to carp on this interesting story, but like most readers I'm a bit conservative. Keep on writing, but keep a weather eye open for 'glitches' before you press the mouse on the 'publish' icon.


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