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The Movement with a Seal (Poem)

Updated on June 28, 2016
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Introduction to the poem

The restraint from success by the inability to hear and act by the set rule to a peak in accomplishment in life.

A poem i write about a group of men that will rule the world and bring them to a place of eternal glory and pleasure for all time.

Starting from today and extend to a day far above the ordinary men.

The movement with a seal

It was in a sight that I see

A people with one eye

Seeking a root with one goal

In a concentration of one spirit

Powered by a strange thought

A thought so abstract

But proven over years by men

That has view into its reality

A sight worth seeing for all

An encounter that transforms

Changing lives to it maximum

To those who accepts its dealing

Even to an exterior as a person

And best to those who act by it

Even within and without

Converging a truth of its own

Altitude, for its maximum

Attitude, for its sustenance

Fusing together for a good,

The envy of the unreached

Though flooded from diversity

Each seeking a merge

As becoming one entity

To champion a course

A destination for its infinity

Acquiring in a step

One after another in simplicity

To execute as designed to all

For compatibility and accountability

Strengthening a living to a height

The worthy of the said call

Confronting in resistance to all

By empowering a mind for explosion

And configuring a hand for action

To dares all that should stop his fort

This isolates the people for uniqueness

As described in a showcase

The activity for its perfection

Bringing brightness for a glory

That magnetizes its surrounding to itself

Even when an edge is torn in rebellion

As wanting a change for a selfish gain

Miss leading a path to a fulfillment

That should splendor before spectators

But is now restricted in minimum

Well, an option for restoration

A thin line is draw for quarantine

Protecting a feast of contamination

A watchdog for atonement to its peak

And returned to concentration, a worth

It spreads its tentacles from its belly

Conquering in distances, meter by meter

And overwhelming, inches by inches

Though swept in a free will

The spell of an agape love from God

As a source of its demonstration

Venturing into the nameless, now named

For its description as understood

By its cloud of witness from all race

The distinctive feature in separation

Even in its sector as of a trivial figure

Propels significance into a nations heart

For its coagulated skill over the years

Amassing knowledge to its strength

A pull to a better and advance society

In satisfying a life for it service

For its well doing and completion

This is a means to all contentment

When examined in achievement

To accomplish a set down perception

A movement with a seal

An unrelenting, for its pursuit

An unbeatable, for its prominences

An indomitable, for its fearlessness

A conquer, for its worth

The unstoppable, for its attainment

A congregation of experts, even the incoming

To unleash the power of an infinite being

Of which in all men were created for impact

A generation not to be toyed with

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© 2014 elijagod


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