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The Obstacles of Life -a poem

Updated on January 29, 2014
Copyright @ Nick Wolf
Copyright @ Nick Wolf

The Obstacles of Life

Struggles, heartbreak, and pain are common in life

There is no way to avoid them

If you can;

Then, in my opinion, I'd say you aren't actually living life

You can try to dodge as many obstacles as you can

But you are sure to fall

"Every man will fall in life.

Every man will be tested.

He will be tested to the depths of his soul."

It's how you react to these fallings and tests that determine your personal destiny

Your attitude is a key focus when it comes to encountering the obstacles in life

A negative attitude will only bring you down

A negative attitude will give you the inability to get back up

A negative attitude will wear down your self-confidence and will cause you to lose hope

I'm not a genius;

But I know from personal experience what a negative attitude does to a person

I also know how a positive attitude and mindset can improve one's life

With a positive attitude I have gained more hope than I had before

I have also gained back my self-confidence

Switching negativity to positivity is a hard, slow process

But with patience and perseverance it can be done

Now when I encounter hard obstacles in life;

I embrace and accept them,

Instead of running away and trying to hide from them

I now understand that struggles, heartbreak, and pain are common in life

And I know that growth will come from these obstacles

I don't want to sound prideful or as if I have it all together,

Because I'm not perfect

And frankly I don't have it all together

But personally, in some ways, I do wish I had it all together

And that life would be easy

But theoretically if my life would be easy, then I wouldn't be fully living life

Because life is hard

Life is painful;

It isn't easy

This journey of life is a battlefield filled with many obstacles

I constantly have to remind myself that this is so

And everyday I have to remind myself that my attitude towards the obstacles in my life determine my personal destiny

Nick Wolf 1/22/2014


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