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The Page Features Of Your Writing Software Can Greatly Influence Your Writing

Updated on December 26, 2013

Some page features such as lines can influence your writing greatly. You can make your writing more interesting by choosing either a plain page or page with lines. Does your software allow it? If you are using MS word, you can either enable horizontal lines on the page or write on a plain page. Some writing softwares have lines on the page already without other options.

Lines on page can help you write more

Some writers are able to write more when there are lines on the page rather than on pages without lines. I personally prefer pages without lines for drafting and ones with lines for the expansion or further development of your ideas. Plain pages allows you the freedom to communicate freely your ideas unconfined to a particular title or topic. You can use it to gather or compile any idea that occurs to you.

I use pages with lines to expand my ideas relating to a particular topic. The lines on the page not only breaks the ideas down into simple achievable tasks, but also reflects confinement and reminds me to generate ideas within the confines of the particular topic or title.

It helps to break the writing down or the idea down into individual sentences that make generating more ideas easier.

You can also use plain pages to generate ideas related to a particular topic. You can do this by using a particular color for the page background. When using MS word software, you can have a variety of pages to choose from.

Page color also gives effect to the written ideas

The background color of the page can also give some effect –if you like some impression about the topic. You can use a Pink page for your love topics, a brown page for topics on ancient tribes and cultures, grey pages for topics on religion, white for official reports and letters.

White pages to me connotes something official. Although green can be most suitable for writing on topics pertaining to plant, the environment and health, I prefer green pages for entertainment topics because it is my favorite topics and green is my favorite color. I prefer pink for topics on relationships and love because personally pink or red is the color of love. I prefer light brown pages for topics on history and ancient tribes because personally they connote tribe, ancient, African, old, etc.

Page color also reflects a writers’ mood

The colors for your page background also reflects a writers’ mood. Your choice of topic for a particular day can reflect your mood that would determine the kind of topic or page color you choose to write on. If you have the appropriate colors matched to your various topics of discussion, you won’t have much work to do in selecting the topic of discussion for the moment. Based on your mood, you can simply choose the color that directly reflects your mood and this can help you to write more.

In choosing a color for you page, you should choose the color that at least matches the topic in your own opinion. This can help in creating the platform as well as contributing to the atmosphere or environment to generate ideas related to your discussion.

The more interesting the writing becomes, the more you can write.

What software you use to write can influence your style of writing. The color of the background page and even the size of the page has some psychological effect on your writing style. It also affects how much you write or how well you can write. You should therefore put into consideration the kind of software you use in writing, the background page as well as the chosen text for your ideas.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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